Fast & Furious 4 ROCKS

Did everyone watched the new movie “Fast & Furious 4”??? It’s great, i recommend it for everyone. :smiley:

got new movies? Fast & Furious 4 ROCKS?

Letty die, too bad. so ah…i got 2 question, this is the story b4 Han bck2 tokyo, at the end Dom was sentences of 25 yrs in jail, then mayb Brain manage 2 bring him out at the ending? then Dom have 2 ran away from america, travel around the world, lastly, met Shawne in Tokyo Drift? tat easy meh? 2, how they korek the tunnel without knowing by the border officer, seems like a big project eh, or did i miss something in the movie?

yeah too bad letty died~Tats movie scott

yeah…hollywood, but do enjoy the movie :smiley:

main focus are the cars…lol

haha… it’s really weird… wonder how they cn korek tht LONG tunnel without being caught by the border officer… SUPER WEIRD…