Family tied up, robbed at knife point

MIRI: A gang of masked men tied up and robbed a family of four at a house in Desa Tai Poo here at around 2.15am yesterday.

Miri deputy police chief Supt Stanley Jonathan Ringgit, when contacted yesterday, confirmed receiving a report on the incident.

We believe the suspects were foreigners based on the language they used during the heist, added Stanley.

The three masked men gained entry into the ground floor of the house via the kitchen door.

They managed to unlock the door using the keys left by one of the teenage daughters at the wash basin, said Stanley.

The suspects grabbed knives from the kitchen and proceeded to the first floor of the house to the parents bedroom.

The parents were stunned to see three masked men pointing knives at them and demanding for valuables.

Two of the suspects tied them up using curtains and telephone cords before stuffing their mouths with cloth then they ransacked the bedroom for valuables, said Stanley.

The robbers then went to their daughters (aged 13 and 17 years) bedroom.

They tied the daughters, and did the same thing ransacking the room for valuables, before bringing them to their parents bedroom, added Stanley.

Total loss has been estimated to be around RM20,000, including jewellery and cash. The case is investigated under Section 395 and 397 of the Penal Code.

Sources added that before entering the house, the suspects had grabbed some clothing left outside the house to shield their faces.

After the suspects left the house, the victims managed to release themselves and called the police.