Family suing paper for publishing baby picture

KUCHING The son of the Dato who was alleged to be involved in the baby selling racket lodged a police report this evening for having a family baby picture published in the media.

The report stated that the photo of the baby was published in a national Malay media on July 17.

The 24-year-old from Stampin Tengah, who is a student said the published photo is contrary to Section 15(2) of the Child Act 2001. The picture was taken at the Court house when the Welfare Department brought the baby there for custody.

The Dato and his wife also made a report against the same media for publishing the photo of the baby and implicating them for selling babies.

The Datin said she would take action against the media which implicated her and her husband and would reveal everything when the time comes.

OCPD ACP Mun Kok Keong confirmed that two reports were made against a media. He said police would investigate.

publish d dato 's name laaa