Family Day promotes spirit of kinship — Dennis

Dennis (fifth left, second row) with members of the Orang Ulu community attending the Family Day.

MIRI: Holding events such as Family Day, where members of the community and families get together, helps to promote the spirit of kinship among participants.

Besides that, such an event rekindles and strengthens the kindred spirit among rural folks who now live in towns and cities, said Telang Usan assemblyman Dennis Ngau.

Dennis was speaking at the launching of the inaugural ‘Lementing Ulu Family Day’ at Petronas Games Village on Sunday which was attended by more than 200 folks from more than 10 longhouses in Ulu Tinjar.

Present were Penghulu Joseph Beluluk, Marudi District Council deputy Walikota Cr Simpson Njok, organising chairman Cr Jaraw Braim, PBB Telang Usan Youth chairman Cr Dominic Nyurang and local headmen.

“It might look petty or nothing more than just having fun but trust me, it is a great platform for our kids to get to know their own people.

“Events such as this are of paramount importance for keeping our roots and ethnic identity firmly intact. So I suggest that longhouses which do not hold gatherings as this should consider having theirs in their own longhouse or do one for all longhouses from an area such as what you see today for people from Ulu Tinjar,” Dennis said.

At the same time, the state assemblyman also suggested that each longhouse compile their individual family data and set up a WhatsApp group to keep in touch with fellow residents.

Earlier, Jaraw, in his speech, thanked Dennis for coming up with the idea of organising the Family Day. He said it was a challenge for the organising committee as this was the first time that such an event was held for longhouses from Long Loyang/Long Batan up to Apau Nyaring.

“But with the guidance and support from our state assemblyman we managed to hold this historic event,” he added.

Jaraw also said Dennis had disclosed that Ulu Tinjar would be made an agricultural area because it had plenty of land suitable for farming.

“For this, many villagers have submitted their applications to the Agriculture Department for agriculture scheme assistance. We hope the Agriculture Department will look into the applications without delay,” he added.

Source: The Borneo Post

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