"Fake" job vacancy/work online/work at home

(kvkv2009) #1

Nowadays we all came across all sorts of recruitment advertisement in the newspaper which includes those “fake” advertisement with the intention to cheat those applicants, using one way or the other.

Unfortunately some applicants are being cheated & as a result some may lost money or even going to jail if their personal bank accounts are being used for money laundering purposes, etc.

Hence we all should be paying more attention to this issue, including when we are surfing website looking for jobs.

Together we can make our society better.:slight_smile:

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(winwin) #2

Thank you for sharing the info to alert those keen job seekers to watch out

(Jackson Liaw) #3

Job vacancies can almost be found everywhere - Facebook, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Job sites, newspapers, emails, word-of-mouth, etc. Unfortunately in the Employers’ Market these days, uninformed candidates tend to jump ahead and focus on trying to secure a job first without putting much effort in personal data security.

(kvkv2009) #4

Actually sometimes we all came across vacancies that the pays seem very attractive & easy doing, including those advertised here. But did anyone screen through these advertisements?

(Jackson Liaw) #5

I believe the Terms of Service already covered this question when using the forum. Anyway, there are tools available here for users to flag any questionable postings.