Fajar International College launches Diploma in Environmental Health and Safety programme

MIRI: Fajar International College (FIC) yesterday launched its latest programme, the Diploma in Environmental Health and Safety (DipEHS).

It aims to meet the rising demand for trained personnel in the environmental health and safety field, especially in moving towards an industrialised nation by 2020; where environmental issues are becoming a big concern in our society.

The programme is uniquely designed to provide students with theoretical and skill knowledge in environmental health management, workplace health and safety, acoustics and noise control, health promotion, environmental protection, food management and control and housing for public health.

Students will acquire analytical and problem solving skills as well as learn how to communicate with technical and non-technical groups.

With rising awareness of environment issues like environmental protection and preservation, more and more industries are placing great emphasis on this aspect.

The DipEHS programme deals with the protection against environmental factors that may adversely impact human health or the ecological balances essential to long-term health and environmental quality, whether in the natural or man-made environment.

Diploma graduates have opportunities to further their degree level studies at selected universities, or confidently take up the many job openings in this field as assistant environmental health officer, food hygienist, food safety officer, vector control officer, solid waste management personnel, and land development specialist in public or private sectors.

In fact, DipEHS graduates are highly demanded in industries such as oil and gas, construction, manufacturing, plantations, and hospitality. In the government sectors, they can join any government agencies or regulatory bodies where the impact on environment in relations to social development is of their primary concern. Moreover, because of its safety component, graduates can also be employed as safety officer, thus widening their career choice.

This diploma is approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Education (MoE) and accredited by the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA).

The entry requirement in SPM, for science stream students is three credits in any subjects with at least two passes in any science subject, plus a pass in Bahasa Malaysia and History, while non-science stream students must have three credits with one credit in Science, plus a credit in Bahasa Malaysia and History.

Students can apply for financial assistance from PTPTN. FIC also provide scholarships for qualified students who sign up for the program.

FIC was honoured to have Sarawak Health Departments senior environmental health officer cum senior assistant director (communicable disease control section) Samuil Ashton Satu who gave a talk on diseases related to tobacco smoking at the campus yesterday, which was attended by students and lecturers.

FIC invites prospective students to apply for the next intake. Interested students can call 085-491448 or visit the website at www.fic.edu.my or email enquiry@kolejfajar.edu.my.

Source: http://www.theborneopost.com/2015/03/21/fajar-international-college-launches-diploma-in-environmental-health-and-safety-programme/