Facebook will be closed down on 15 of march 2011

we need wait till 15mar…then we will known the answer

Please use your common sense.

dood…news paper just announce…and just like this topic said…on 15th march…they really close it down on that time
is he SERIOUS? :shock:

is a fake.he is not gonna closed it down.is a hoax all the time.just to make people feel like OMG!!! I will update this post and put the link on the hoax.

it’s TRUE! if u are blind, death…and perhaps ■■■■■■■■.

http://edition.cnn.com/2011/TECH/social … .mashable/

thread should be closed

FB will only close down on the 21st dec 2012. dont worry, we just continue enjoy using it now. :mrgreen:

[quote=“abubu”]Facebook NOT shutting down March 15 - CNN.com

thread should be closed[/quote]

like what the article said, people really WILL believe anything… funny that our dear newspapers put up this article as if it’s real… at least this proves that not everything on newspapers are 100% true

well…i read the following article…
http://edition.cnn.com/2011/TECH/social … .mashable/

all i can say is…is THIS some sort of PRANK RUMOR!!!..
==…well…guess it IS haox…lol

Come on people. Stop believing in such TOTAL BASELESS rumours. If Facebook were to close down, they will sent notifications to users account in facebook.

what a crazy thing to do if he just close down the entire business. might as well step down and elect somebody else to manage it… less stress and money still comes in…like Bill Gates :smiley:

I’m quite amused by some of the replies in here… really! lol

ouh my god!! facebook is closing down…

its a “markerting” strategy… 8)

LOL Facebook owner must be siao if he wanna close it down, that social network earned him billions every day…