Facebook down?

i cannot access facebook. anyone else having same problem?

http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index … 526AAHaH7D

not only me. others facing same problems too. if you got thru , lucky you.

face…what…are u kidding…i can enter facebook with no prob =w=

muka buku is online for 135 million of us

mcnet is facebook.

facebook sucks :roll:

yeah facebook is suck…i cannot logged into facebook…

Is it? I dint have problem login to facebook ley?

my problem solved…just restart the pc, then logged in…now i can access my facebook…

why go facebook when we got mc.net…? :stuck_out_tongue:

we go facebook makes friend
we go mcnet makes fiends. :slight_smile:

facebook still sucks.stop using it.

Can you add me on facebook? :mrgreen:

Can you add me on facebook? :mrgreen:[/quote]

Hehe behave bro… :mrgreen:

Can you add me on facebook? :mrgreen:[/quote]
Apu2…haha. Try to find urself. :lol:

now can log in. but this morning cannot. anyone knows whats up?

Maybe the hackers start hacking already.read bout it b4.

wahh so fast, I thought 5th November?

Yes… it seems to play up a bit… but don’t give up … keep trying wit the refresh button and if it still tak working , can cuba diff browsers eg godzilla… etc :smiley:

i never have a problem logged in …wats up with yours ??