'Face' on tree draws big crowds


Kepala Batas: The trunk of a pinang (betel nut) tree has sprouted a human-like face. The curves on the five-metre high tree clearly resemble human eyes, teeth and a nose. The unexplained phenomenon has resulted in the villagers there naming it the “ghost tree”. Villager Zainol Nayan, 54, who lives near the tree, said he spotted the curves emerging on the tree about a month ago, but the much clearer human-like face only became obvious last Friday. “Since then, villagers have gathered around the tree to see for themselves and the news spread like wildfire, attracting outsiders.”

Zainol said the pinang tree grew by itself more than 10 years ago, but there was nothing strange about it until recently. Housewife Noraziah Zakaria, 34, said she rushed to the scene as soon as she heard the news. “I was curious and shocked to find that the curves indeed look like a human face,” she said at the scene. Some of the villagers claimed that the human-like face changed every day. They claimed that the image photographed several days ago was different from the one photographed yesterday. The more enterprising villagers are selling photographs of the “ghost-tree” for RM2 a copy. Yesterday, there was a large crowd, which included policemen, around the “ghost-tree”.