Eye glasses? model and price?

I haven’t use my eye glasses since last year, but now my eyes have problem seeing distance object which almost miss steer my RC car into wrong lane further off the road from the distance. Time to wear my glasses again.

So i wanted to know:

-Where they sell 2" Tooinch brand glasses?

-Cheapest bargain? which shop?

My office colleague bought Tooinch sunglasses style with casual lense for only less than $200/-. She says somewhere in MEGA but didn’t notice that model. Anyone have good suggestion? 8)

well i would recommend u to go D- optics in imperial, Des-Optics in Parkson or krokop or the ones in mega first floor i think it’s called international optics. They better in terms of quality and cut precision (price too). the rest are just no up to my expectations…

Is it possible if they can make a little 15% blue amber tint on the lenses which appear only when the sun ray is visible?