Extreme road

Bakong - Lapok Road after MERDEKA
Pic taken during Gawai 2010

not extreme yet…

you call that EXTREME? You have seen nothing yet.

can you show the pic that shoot by your self?

I call this road extreme because more than 30 years but still no aspal
its very difficult during rainy day very muddy/miry
This also main road from Miri-Long lama

Biasalah tu…Put asphalt, months passed, there you got many potholes.

that’s the road to my dad’s kampung huhu…the YB whose in charge of the area failed to provide asphalt roads…its been over 3 decades the ppl there hve been asking for proper roads. til today no action have been taken.

RM 150 Million allocated for Bakong - Lapok Road
statement on January 2009
but nothing changing until now.


rm150 million of saliva allocated only

no… the fund been used la… just quote big amount… the sanglau the money la… nobody gonna check. thats how their propaganda… just quote money value for a project… nobody will check if it is really need that amount… its just a reason to take out the money

vote for other party…

Come on guys, here is about photography…

can you show the pic that shoot by your self?[/quote]

This is what i call extreme…

Yea thats extreme…
I oso experienced it few years ago going deep 2 the oil palm company…
But dint manage 2 take pic cos that time was raining… :expressionless:

hell yeah…that’s extreme alright…how does the hilux vigo performed? not underpower?

That’s more extreme. Especially those dirt road to deep oil palm plantation. Fuyohhh

My vigo - so far no dramas with it… it already served me 5 good years.

bakong - lapok road? ask JABU about that. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

or should we ask sylvester enteri first…

or should we ask sylvester enteri first…[/quote]

Errmmm…I has smell like Political issue in my topic…he…he
But just carry on beb…that is true
Sorry MOD…