Extreme Games @ Taman Awam,Miri(18092006)

Went to TamanAwam last Sunday and have a change to take some pics for the Extreme Games Competition.It was HOT that day and i actually plan to go for Car Race at Old Lutong Airport but cancel at the end.Another member here “Lelanycs” was there and got some nice pics,waiting for him to cover the event…

  1. Praticing b4 the competion

  2. A guy with rollerBlade from KL if not mistaken

3 A member doing some “FlowerStyle” during the BMX’s Flatland competition

  1. Another member with some “FlowerStyle”

** All the pics was not cropped,level/curve,just resize and post,no idea how to crop it,all comments are MOST WELLCOME. :smiley:

Very nice! Good colors too!!

You mean this was on the same day as the sprint race?

I cant view d picz… :cry:

Ehhh…can d…hehhee… :oops: :slight_smile:

thanks ian,u re oways the 1st to reply,thanks again…

Ya,it was the same day with SprintRace, no news on media,so not many ppl know about that. A member “lelanycs” told me about the competition and we actually plan to take some pics of SprintRace that afternoon but i failed to go there cos stuck at the Extreme Games till quite late …

btw,ian,u have any pics of the SprintRace?

LadyBird,sorry cos juz now i edit the pics into smaller size,that’s why u cant see,but now ok oledi,so any comments ? … :smiley:

haiya…iwent there but no pics…just to see junior and senior skateboard…way below my expectation

My4to, unfortunately I wasn’t even at the sprint race - was getting tons of work done. Been an increasingly busy year for me…

2 more on SkateBoard…


Clap clap clap…nice shots…i liked!! Gud work My4to… :smiley: :smiley:

nice picture…cool

2 more,BMX’s “jumpingLand”,not really satisfy with the angle,the tree at the back also kacau,just to share :smiley:


wow…nice pics…!! i miss my skateboarding days…T_T met many good frens that time…

Wow…very nice, good job man! Another star in photo taking after relaxjack & ian

All of you are the best of the best!!! Btw, thanks for sharing.

Picture no 5 is absolutely brilliant…u sing SLR camera? I saw one guy with blue tshirt shoot photo with SLR camera…is tht u?

Is that melon grab or Indy grab? I f u can shoot photo of them doing street trick like K-Grind on the rail or curb…sure nice…Big air trick…or big kickflip over curb…absolutely stunner!!!

u have talents bro

BARISS!! TABIK HORMAT!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

looks like a melon!..dunno if i still rememebr!hehehe

[quote=“ryabren”]after relaxjack & ian

Just want to make a small correction there - I’m only so-so in photo taking - and even so my camera’s now not working so I’m sort of handicapped, having to ask around and borrow one.

I do however, have a contract to edit/restore photographs from other sources, and our majority of photos are from Soo Chew Studio, most of which are taken by them and then uploaded also to MiriResortCity.com (which you will see as labelled) as per a simple cross-branding/naming agreement.

Some of the photos which I actually took myself (which is labelled my name) as you can see in some of those in this gallery, are sub par. Hence RelaxJack, My4to and G400g400 are the real Artists, I’m only in the touchup / restoration business. :slight_smile:

nice shot, my4to! :smiley:


have u tried to approach them for photo shooting? Like when they skate at Tmn Awam…u take pics when they do the tricks…just exactly like skate photographer in Transworld Skateboarding or Thrasher Magazine…i collect the photo issue of them…

any way, looking forward to team up with u once i get my camera(lama lagik … :wink:)

Thank u thank u thank u thank u thank u… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks Ladybird and pai8,juz lucky… :smiley:

tensaigamer0,u no more in skateboarding now? U re rite,T.T really met more frens, and oways more fun if got more ppl…

thanks ryabren,i’m not a star la,juz a normal guy with same hobby like u guys :lol: ,btw,didnt see ur post these days,busy?

chilskater,glad 2 know u like it,i’m juz lucky.FYI,i’m using Canon DSLR with Wide angle len for those shots.I found in order to have good angle for these kind of pics,we need to “atur” with the skateboarder 1st.It’s important to know the direction they are “flying” through and where is the position u going to take their pics…This is the 1st time i took skateboarding and really need to learn.Honestly i’m not really satisfy with the angle and i beleive with more pratice,should can do better…really thanks for the skateboarder who willing to “pose”… :smiley:

Ian,i’m really “malu” if u say i’m an artist.I’m really juz a normal guy or a photo enthusiast,not more then that.I admire ur “skill” in Photoshop and i beleive that’s really important in today digital photography,really need to learn from u…can share?

jc,happy to know u like them,thankls ya :smiley:

im concern about the ‘ramp’ they r using. it should have been thick plywood rather than cement.