Exterior battery for Note Book

Normaly note book battery can work about 2 hours only. If you need your note book to be operate in out door for loger duration, you need external battery pack with higher battery capacity.
I got self made battery pack with 4.5 amp, 9 amp, 13.5 amp with built in charger or use your note book charger to charge it.
Connect the same batery pack to an Inverter that lets your printer works in out door too.

Exterior battery?! will my laptop kaput in one day?

hahah, i was about to ask that question too

What is the exterior battery pack output voltage?

With so many self detonating laptop batteries cases happening, the big question will be are they safe to use especially during charging.

If for laptop using only, out put voltage is 18V. It is safty when charge. At the movment charge, the laptop is using AC Current and will not connect to the battery pack. When it is in charging, the voltage of the battery drop to 6V.
For printer, the voltage of the battery is 12V, after inverter it is AC 220V.
The using duration depend on the capacity of the battery, 4 to 12 hours. If you want more, may use bigger battery.

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Quotation please.

[quote=“remaong”]Emm… Good,

Quotation please.[/quote]Do you want the battery working for how many hours after charging?

You mentioned 3 different type (4.5A, 9A & 13.5A) How many hour it will last?

BTW, I just realise that it was a self made. Any warranty? and how does it look like? Any photo?

4, 8 , 12 hours.

For those who are outside a lot then the extra battery would be useful though…but how much would it cost?is it made by the original manufacturer?

That is seal lead acid battery. The same material as Car battery, but it is dry and maintanance free. All alarm system are using the same battery. All ATUR system are using the same battery too.

I had modified an Inverter unit, a contractor is using it to do some minor construction work such as repairing the roofing. He previously using an electric generator, now using my design to drill the holes.

4.5AH @ RM135.00, 9AH @ RM195.00, 13.5AH @ RM255.00
With built in Charger