Exquisite Hand Crafted Wooden Music Boxes

We are the exclusive distributor of Taiwan Jean Card (JeanCard) Wooderful Life unique fine wood crafted music boxes with their trademark hidden rail designs, in the whole of Malaysia.

These exotic fine wood crafted music boxes come with physical moving figurines / parts / icons that revolve according to the rhythm of the music, thanks to their trademark hidden rail designs. Through such fine crafted and exoticly designed music boxes, you will be automatically immersed within the magical world that these music boxes brought you in.

There are more than 50 different designs and each one being or has:
Hand crafted
Hidden rail design that magically draws the icons / parts / figurines to be rotating around the centre themes
One-touch to start / stop music
Parts and base made from real wood
Japan Sankyo movement used

Believe us when we say that these music boxes are set to take your breath away!

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