Exposed! 13 cops under probe over missing drug loot


Exposed! 13 cops under probe over missing drug loot
02 Oct 2006
Chuah Bee Kim

JOHOR BARU: Getting a whiff of some illegal activities going on at a house in Taman Sentosa here, a police team kept an eye on it.

Convinced that a major drug operation was under way, a 10-man narcotics team raided the house in June and discovered not only drugs but also RM750,000 cash.

Of the amount RM200,000 was on a table while the balance was found stashed in the ceiling. A 40-year-old suspect was arrested.

Instead of marking the cash as evidence and taking it to the police station, the 10 policemen, with three other colleagues from the station, decided to split the loot among themselves.

The problem was that the split was uneven. The officers took more while the constables got less.

According to police sources, this led to “tongues wagging” and before long, senior police officers came to know about the huge amount of money allegedly pocketed by the group.

A special team from Bukit Aman was despatched to Johor Baru and the 13 policemen from the state Narcotics Department, including a high-ranking officer, are under investigation.

The team has questioned the policemen and has begun to gather evidence.

Johor police chief Datuk Hussin Ismail confirmed that several policemen were being investigated but declined to elaborate since the probe by the Bukit Aman team has not been completed.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan had recently warned his men that bribery and indiscipline would not be tolerated and those found guilty would be severely punished.

“Do not expect special treatment or forgiveness.”

“Members who tarnish the good name of the force will not be given special treatment as it is a major offence,” was his warning to the force when commenting on the detention of a constable who allegedly robbed a tourist.

From a source of mine, only 10 of 'em given RM100K each - CASH by JB’s tauke that including 1 senior policeman-pangkat ASP…they thot they can runaway wif that CASH but somehow information leaks…KANTOOOOIIIIIIII!!!..