Explosions at KL Court Complex

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Updated: Monday January 9, 2012 MYT 2:38:03 PM
Five hurt in explosions at KL court complex (Update)

KUALA LUMPUR: Five people suffered minor injuries in three explosions at the vicinity of the Jalan Duta court complex here Monday morning, said City police chief DCP Mohamad Salleh.

"All five received outpatient treatment at Kuala Lumpur Hospital.

“The explosives were home-made devices with timers. Ball bearings, batteries and wires were found at the scene,” he added.

He said that the first explosion happened at 10.20am under a police cone at Jalan Khidmat Usaha about 300m from the court house.
The damaged Perodua Kembara

Two people were injured from this explosion, including a lawyer. A Perodua Kembara was also damaged.

The second explosion was at 10.45am at Jalan Dutamas about 100m away from the first blast. A van selling drinks and two parked motorcycles were damaged while three people suffered injuries on their face, leg and hand respectively.

The third explosion happened at 10.55am about 150m from Pintu B of the court house. No one was injured but four cars were damaged. This explosive was also placed under a police cone, said DCP Mohamad.
A man receiving treatment for an injury on his face.

He added that there was no CCTV footage of the explosions but forensic and bomb squads were combing the scene for evidence and also other possible explosives.

We also estimate that about 4,500 people were at the car park and more in the surrounding areas during the rally. Most dispersed after police advised them to leave following the explosions, he said.

DCP Mohamad added that no arrests were made from either the rally or the explosions.

He also told reporters that in an unrelated incident, a man was sent to HKL after he complained of chest pains.

this is a very bad sign…

how coincidence the person involved able to put the bomb under the cone although the area having tight security since midnight, and knew the area have no cctv…

lu pikir la sendiri…