Explosion at Petronas plant. Again?

(TheStarOnline)DUNGUN: A worker died and 23 others were injured in an explosion at a Petronas gas processing plant in the GPP Complex A in Kerteh. Rosli Mansor, 31, died on the spot. His remains were sent to the Kemaman Hospital for a post-mortem.
Another victim, Zamro Fithri Mat Noor, 25, who suffered 90% burns, was admitted to the Sultanah Nur Zahirah Hospital in Kuala Terengganu, while the others were sent to the Kemaman Hospital.
It is learnt that some 2,000 workers were at the site when the explosion occurred.
A witness, who only wished to be known as Fauzi, said thick smoke started billowing from the plant after a loud explosion, which was followed by a second bigger explosion.
I was only three metres away from the plant when the incident took place.
I saw a few workers flung out from the plant as a result of the explosion, he said.
Shortly after that, the emergency and rescue unit arrived and we were ordered to evacuate, he said.
A statement from Petronas Gas Berhad (PGB) confirmed that a fire broke out in one of its plants.
The statement said the fire was brought under control by the complex’s emergency response team within 30 minutes.
PGB also said some employees of Hyundai-PFCE Consortium, which is the contractor servicing the GPP under a scheduled maintenance shutdown, were affected in the incident.
The statement added that PGB was extending all necessary assistance to the affected personnel and their family members.
We will release more information on this matter as soon as we are in the position to do so, it said.

Petronas is basically the clown of the oil industry

Can they do anything right???

It has indeed been an unfortunate one. Serves as a reminder for those who take safety for granted. Industrially and individually.

Unknown people always exaggerate things.


You don’t know how much safety precaution had taken into place to make sure ■■■■■ like this don’t happen. You curse on petronas for one day bad incident, do you congratulate them for 364 days without major incident? malaysia is supported by half of revenue , be grateful. Your the clown in me.

thumbs up SmellyFish!

japimport, go clown urself.

i’m truly agree with Smelly Fish… Petronas, same like Shell ,… they put Safety as their main priority, to worker and every important personnel at the plant… no one can expect and predict accident… plus more the statement already said the emergency response team have manage the incident in short time… which in every organisation , especially in oil and gas industry, this group play important part in case of emergency… it seem’s like you lack of knowledge in OnG industry , Japimport… even my little brother know better than you… don’t judge things to quickly. Peace

it must be zombies outbreak…and they make a fake report about explosion…anyway that’s bad news…RIP…

its was the same day i am fly to our work place, and it very near to Kerteh Airport/Helibase, for sure if it meletop during that time, i will be delay to work place… sigh ehehe…

We all have opinions but it’s simply crude to make jokes on tragedies.

We all have opinions but it’s simply [size=150]crude[/size] to make jokes on tragedies.[/quote]

Very oily indeed…

We all have opinions but it’s simply [size=150]crude[/size] to make jokes on tragedies.[/quote]

Very oily indeed…[/quote]

Haaiiisshh… didn’t meant it that way. The word might’ve flashed in my mind due to the topic.