Experience UEFA Champions League Final 2012

Imagine, partying at midnight, right as the game clocks in, you will be walking on the red carpet down to your designated large comfy seats, with popcorn at hand and of course Heineken.

A Legendary experience, brought to you by Heineken, will be the host to all true football avid fans by bringing you a chance to watch UEFA Champions League Final 2012 on the big HD screen in a cinema on premium grand seats! It would be as if you were right there rooting for them (minus the sweat)! This is definitely a money can’t buy experience!

Want in? Show Heineken how much of a true supporter you are by bracing yourself through 3 legendary challenges on Heineken’s Facebook page and you will be heading for a legendary UEFA Final night.

Trust us, if you think you’ve seen it all, wait till you see this!