Exhibition offers chance to pose with exotic reptiles

MIRI: A Pet Farm exhibition at the ground floor of Boulevard Shopping Complex is offering visitors the chance to take photos with the animals on display including snakes and an iguana.

Charity photography sessions for the public using their own cameras will run this weekend and on April 10-12.

For every picture taken with the animals, they can make a donation of any amount via a donation box which will be placed at the exhibition venue, said Lo See Wei, a spokesperson for V Pet Centre, which is organising the event together with Boulevard Shopping Complex.

Proceeds collected through the photography session will be channelled to the Miri Autism Centre.

Visitors can also throw coins into the wishing pond, which houses an alligator turtle.

Those who do not take photos can still donate to the autism centre using the donation box.

Over 10 species of animals are featured including parrots, turkeys, ducks and quails.

I think this was the first time ever such an exhibition held in Miri.
I wonder where this V Pet Centre is? Thumbs up for you!