Exercises To Improve Your Eyesight

Has anybody ever tried these exercises that are supposed to improve your eyesight? I’ve seen a few videos like this before, but this one was pretty interesting. I’m going to try them for a while and see if it works. I am a firm believer in holistic medicine, and that the body can heal itself.

Same here dude. I have looked into this. I am willing to try it if I didn’t get such bad headaches. I hate wearing contacts. It is just another worry I have to have when I do anything or go anywhere.

I know someone who has done this and has seen improvement. Not completely corrected eye sight but greatly improved so it does work.

I have tried this for the heck of it and oh yes, the head ache is real! OUCH!

Anything can be corrected or reversed, even blind eye sight. People don’t understand the power of the human body.