Ex-comrades, friends from afar bid their final farewell

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Dr Agustinus Clarus

Dr Agustinus Clarus

Norina Umoi Utor

Norina Umoi Utor

MIRI: News of Bill Kayong’s death reached friends and relatives, some coming from Indonesia and also as far as the Middle East.

Former Indonesian MP Dr Agustinus Clarus from West Kalimantan remembers the late PKR Miri secretary as a ‘Bujang Berani’ (brave Dayak warrior).

He arrived here specifically for the funeral.

Former PKR comrade Norina Umoi Utor, meanwhile, endured a gruelling 11-hour journey from Muscat, Oman that stopped over in Doha (Qatar), Kuala Lumpur and Kuching before reaching here.

“My flight was delayed for an hour-and-half in Doha, but I’m grateful to finally be able to reach Miri to give my last respects to Bill,” she said.

Norina has been in Oman for over a decade, working for an oil and gas company based in Muscat. She was involved in several campaigns together with Bill before.

She lamented the loss of a close and dear friend.

“I understand the magnitude of his struggles in politics and him being the defender of Dayak rights — truly I do,” she added.

Hundreds of Sarawak Dayak Association (Pedas) members and supporters across the state also came to pay last respects to their former secretary. They were joined by comrades from Gagasan Anak Dayak Sarawak (GADS), Miri Dayak Association (DAM) and other Dayak NGOs from all over Sarawak.


Source: http://miri.my/2016/06/24/ex-comrades-friends-from-afar-bid-their-final-farewell/