Every Mirian please do the survey for BroadbandHub

BroadbandHub.gov.my is a Malaysia National Broadband Online Registration Centre which will be used to collect information about the demand for Broadband throughout the whole of Malaysia.

Whether you are an Individual User of the Internet who is keen to find out more about broadband or you represent a residence/household or a non-residential entity (business, agency, school, NGO, partnership, etc.), we seek just 10 minutes of your time to register your interest in this on-going survey and to tell us about your needs, if any, in respect of broadband services in your area, vicinity or place of abode.

The results of the survey shall be analysed by the Ministry of Energy Water and Communications officials to assist in planning for actual roll out of broadband services in the not too distant future in your area, vicinity or even residence. The more response we get from residence in your area, the more we shall be able to gauge the level of demand and hence prioritise the need for broadband services in your area.

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The wesite is http://www.broadbandhub.gov.my/index.html

I just sent mine already… hopefully we can give Miri free Wifi’s!

Yes, I hope so too.

done for me… oledi completed the survey form… :wink:

I submitted mine too. :smiley:

I got the materials and there are still a lot of question marks hanging. It’s just so vague. Broadband or wireless? 3G or WiMax? Or just having broadband available for the general public? Is there a charge? Is the cable theft problem also being solve in this matter? Are identity theft and computer security education included as an after thought? I have all the booklets and I still don’t really know what it’s about with the exception of ‘getting broadband for Miri’ - which we already have.

Regardless of how vague the whole thing is, I also filled the form. So here’s hoping.

There’s a news about this from today’s Borneo Post which can be found here: http://www.miricommunity.net/viewtopic.php?t=4200

Glad to see people supporting, below is the email I received from N64 YB Andy

Subject:Emailing: Campaign to registerinterest in free Broadband etc in Miri by the Federal Govt

The Fed Govt is conducting a survey in Miri to see if there is sufficient interest in having Broadband WIFi in Miri, some area for free. govt will install facilities if there is sufficient interest.

Pls call your friends to register at the wewbsite below. we are trying to get at least 20,000 users by end of Jan. we need everyone’s support. Registration of interest via the internet is free. Go on, do something for Miri City. All of us will eventually benefit.

Spread the word thru chat, mail etc.

ANdy Chia

Thanks for clearing that up. So it’s Wireless Broadband if there isn’t any miscommunication. I just wish sometimes they be more clear about it rather than bringing out statistics of broadband penetration and 12-page essays on how broadband, VOIP and 3G works.

me too…already sent mine…yahuuuu…

submitted mine as well


Thanks for the support given towards implementing Wireless Broadband in Miri!!

It’s worth to share this. Sarawak (Miri) will be one of the main focus for the deployment of Wireless Broadband (from KTAK) provided there is at least 40,000 ppl showing their interest. You can help to make this a reality by registering here: