Event photographers wanted

On Saturday this week, 7-Nov-2009, PCB is having its annual triathlon (0.9KM swim, cycle and run) event. If you are interested to take event photos, please be at Piasau Boat Club by 6:30AM latest.
Please note that you will not be paid to take photos.
Please do send me a private message if you would like to go.

See you there!

p/s: As I will not have access to this forum from my office, the only way to let me know you are coming is for you to e-mail me or send me a private message.

so early 6.30am, sound like a big event :slight_smile:

Not sure whether I can call this a big event. But if it is like previous year, the state runners/swimmers from Miri normally participate. The strongest will win. I think this is the most challenging sport event of the year.

wow… sounds interesting.