Evan Gallerie

Dear All Respectful Mc.Net Members,

I would like to show you some of my pictures taken using my Nikon D90 + 18-105MM ’ kit lens ’

hope you like it, and comment & advise are mostly welcome :smiley:






[attachment=1]3243_1136079477279_1086105269_30432739_542316_n.jpg[/attachment] * blur effect *



Thank you for viewing. Have a great day ahead.


vry nice… i like the 2nd photo…

I like them all!~ especially the 3rd one~~~

I thought you were a guy.

who u refering?

too sayang the pic 3 model face there a bit ‘blur’(dont know how to say),my personal view lah,other than that,cute shot :stuck_out_tongue:

who u refering?[/quote]


who u refering?[/quote]


he is guy a… he is the photographer ma… so its his pictures lo…

i like d 2nd oso, so natural~

Geekguy, i’m Evan.

Nice to meet you :smiley:


the picture is just a girl modeling for him…

wow i like first one, it capture something nice off her… i dunno how to say, but i only can tell it to her, coz only she would understand… :stuck_out_tongue:

thank you

hope to upload more pictures~

ieR… where is ur gallerie … shld post here and let everyone see ! u always bring ur camera around town and ppl alreayd tot u are proffesional. so, post out some for us to “wah…” common… i see many photographer already post their gallerie, is time for us to see urs… come post now ! u long time didnt find chat with me at msn oso hoh,…

applebee,this is his gallerie rite?

apple bee, i got~~~ hahaha i started on 1st january 2009 leh, wait i find the link… ohya, its bottom on my post, my signature there… my photoblog has more photo

ier the photographer.bei.bei.com.my.mc.net.miri

Some picture i took last weekend at lutong beach.

Would like to share with you.

[attachment=3]DSC_0929 (Medium).JPG[/attachment]
look at the sky with the sun on the bottom right.

[attachment=2]DSC_0896 (Medium).JPG[/attachment]
what a moodly day feel.

[attachment=1]DSC_0895 (Medium).JPG[/attachment]
smile of joy

[attachment=0]DSC_0920 (Medium).JPG[/attachment]

nice pics !!! ^^