Estate manager, staff injured in attack

MIRI: An estate manager in Permyjaya and his employees sustained injuries on their bodies after they were attacked by two men using a machete on Saturday morning.

In the 11am incident, the suspects who were working in the same estate as a mechanic and a driver, had been asked to stop by a guard at the security booth of the estate.

The security guard then suspected that something was amiss when he noticed the suspects unusual behavior.

Upon inspecting the suspects car, the security guard was stunned to see four units of excavator swing bearings inside.

He immediately alarmed his manager.

A few minutes later, the manager and another personnel came to the security booth.

According to sources, they were talking for about a few minutes to settle the matter before one of the suspects grabbed a machete in his car and attacked the victims.

The suspects also attempted to harm the security guard but fortunately, the latter managed to escape.

Both injured victims were sent to Miri hospital afterwards.