Essential Fatty Acids - Omega 3&6

Essential Fatty Acids

EFA deficiency affects cells and tissues throughout the entire body. No part of the body can function without them. EFA supplementation reverses all symptoms of EFA deficiency.

Omega 3 deficiency causes the following symptoms:

  • growth retardation;
  • vision and learning problems; behavioral changes; mental deterioration;
  • weakness; motor incoordination;
  • tingling sensations in arms and legs.
  • Researchers agree on these omega 3 deficiency symptoms; but omega 3s often reverse the following conditions, which should therefore be added to the list above: -
  • high triglycerides; high blood pressure; sticky platelets;
  • sub-optimal skin condition; inflammatory skin diseases;
  • water retention (edema); inflammation in any tissue in the body;
  • auto-immune conditions;
  • low metabolic rate; weight gain.

Omega 6 deficiency causes the following symptoms:

  • Skin, hair, and nails become defective, leading to :-
    eczema-like skin eruptions
    dry skin and hair; hair loss
    water loss through the skin (dehydration) with attendant thirst
    impaired nail growth

  • Organs fall apart, resulting in:-
    fatty infiltration of the liver; kidney malfunction; dry eyes

  • The brain falls apart, bringing about many changes, including :-
    poor vision; decreased learning ability; lower intelligence
    mood changes; depression; poor handling of stressful situations
    problem behavior; attention deficit; hyperactivity; dyslexia
    motor incoordination; and poor physical performance
    Glands dry up, failing to make their vital hormones and secretions

  • The immune system falls apart, producing :-
    increased susceptibility to infections; impaired healing of wounds

  • The reproductive system falls apart, and we get:-
    male sterility; and female miscarriage

  • Our joints fall apart, manifesting as :-
    arthritis-like conditions

  • The cardiovascular system falls apart, resulting in :-
    heart beat abnormalities that can lead to cardiac arrest
    sometimes, increased cholesterol

  • Digestion falls apart, leading to …
    poor digestion of foods; inflammation; leaky gut; food sensitivities, allergies

  • Growth becomes ■■■■■■■■.

  • Special kids - Autistic kids

The above list shows some of the serious health concerns from lack of essential omega 6 fats. They are an absolute necessity for life. Adequate Omega 6 intake reverses all of these deficiency symptoms.

[i]Let’s put these problems that EFAs can cause, into perspective. Of far greater concern is not getting enough of the EFAs, because so many cells, tissues, glands, and organs need them - desperately - to work normally. Getting them in altered, toxic forms due to careless processing procedures puts these altered molecules in harm’s way in our body… or getting the ratio between them wrong - a problem for almost every affluent person who has not embraced the vital necessity of the Right Fat Diet.


Every cell, tissue, gland, and organ will fail to function if sufficient levels of omega-6 EFA’s are not present in the diet. In the past, such deficiency was rare, but since the advent of low-fat diets, lack of omega-6’s has become much more common.

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