Entri calls Marudi farmers to bunch up for Nafas branch

Entri hits the gong to open the one-day programme, organised by Nafas and Sarawak Farmers Organisation.

Entri hits the gong to open the one-day programme, organised by Nafas and Sarawak Farmers Organisation.

MIRI: The people of Marudi will benefit from the establishment of the National Farmers Organisation (Nafas) as a further boost to their agriculture-based economy.

Assistant Minister of Public Utilities Datuk Sylvester Entri Muran said farmers in Marudi, Jegan, Beluru, Teruking, Tinjar, Nabor, Pengelayan and Beluru would have a alrger establishment of farming and livestock rearing with Nafas assistance.

“We will set up farmer units in each area of Marudi constituency and at a later part, establish Nafas branch in Marudi so that agriculture can be stepped up for the people,” Entri said in officiating at a ‘Jalinan Mesra Peladang’ programme at Rumah Engkas, Sungai Malang in Beluru, Bakong on Saturday, conducted by Nafas and Sarawak Farmers Organisation.

Nafas board member Datuk Hamid Abdullah and Sarawak Farmers Organisation — PeladangNita chief Councillor Eda Igar were among those present.

Over 2,000 farmers from Marudi, Nabor, Jegan, Pengelayan, Teruking, Beluru, Tinjar and Baram attended the one-day programme.

According to Entri, Marudi farmers can reap the benefits from the establishment of Nafas in the near future with the national body assisting in farming technology.

He urged longhouses folk to set up farmer units in each of their settlements to boost agriculture produce.

“We are yet to have our own Nafas branch in Marudi but to set it up here, we must first establish farmer units,” he said.

Entri, who is also Marudi assemblyman, said farming was a key economic activity to improve the community’s living standard that would involve idle land and those under Native Customary Rights (NCR).

He urged farmers in the constituency to grab the opportunity of commercial farming on their idle land.

The one-day event, which included a talk on ‘Farmers Investment’ by Nafas speaker Mohd Fairol Azad Kamsir, also has booths run the Agriculture Department.


Source: http://miri.my/2016/03/27/entri-calls-marudi-farmers-to-bunch-up-for-nafas-branch/