Entrepreneur volunteers free time during MCO to create face shields for hospitals throughout Sarawak

Loh (right) and her family hard at working making the face shields at home.

SIBU: Not content with sitting idly at home, entrepreneur Loh Yu Yee and her family have spent most of their days during the Movement Control Order (MCO) making face shields at no cost at all for front liners in hospitals.

Loh, when contacted by The Borneo Post today, said earlier this week, she received a request from her friend who is a medical doctor whether or not she could help make the face shields, as hospitals were short on supply.

The 44-year-old agreed and was asked to make 500 face shields for hospitals in Betong, Kanowit, Kapit, Mukah, Daro and Lanang Health Clinic.

“My family of six worked together to make the face shields. Unfortunately, the materials that were given to us were not enough and we could only make about 300 face shields. We took half a day to finish them,” she said.

She explained that her friend has a team of volunteers who would look for materials for the face shields to send to Loh.

Loh wearing one of the face shields that she made.

Loh had also made a post on Facebook about this family project, and soon she received more volunteers to help out.

By then, she had already received an additional request to make 1,400 face shields. At this point, five families in Sibu including Loh’s family have contributed to making the face shields at no cost.

It didn’t take long for them to fulfill that request, and are now in the midst of making 2,500 face shields this week.

Before making the shields, she instructed the volunteer families to sanitize all the materials, their home, tables and items that they needed to use to make them.

She also created an instructional video to be sent to these other volunteer families to provide them with a step-by-step tutorial on how to create the face masks.

Once the face shields are done, they would be distributed to medical facilities in need.

“For places like Kapit Hospital or Betong Hospital, we need to wait for their vehicles to come down to town to be able to give the materials to them. Only when they have an ambulance coming in, will we be able to give them the products,” she said, adding that 200 face shields had been distributed to Kapit yesterday.

Loh’s project has now picked up steam and she now has teams in Mukah, Daro, Dalat and Miri, all working together to create these face shields for the respective hospitals in their area.

She said creating the face shields was not a tedious task at all, as they were necessary items for front liners to carry out their duties.

“We know our responsibility and mission. My children are not complaining at all, they are so happy to help because they feel they are contributing as much as they can in these trying times,” she said.

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