Entrepreneur Community in Miri (and those who are aspiring to be)

(Jarone) #1

The Founders Club is open to all Community Leaders!

Join us in connecting the startup ecosystem in miri!

let us make Miri the next Silicon Valley

P.S Have a nice day!

(Jarone) #2

FYI miri is opening their own innovation Hub in marina phase three on February 2019

cant wait <3 <3 <3

(Hamzah Hamizan) #3

(Camillus Kan) #4

Op when can I see founders stuff ?

(Jarone) #5

event will be held throughout the year, the next one is startup weekend miri 2019, ill add you to the group.

(Augustinne Wong) #6

Cool! Where can I find out what events are planned?

(Jarone) #7

Join our group chat,

also, you can visit our entrepreneurship event in miri page to see whats going on

(Jen Ni) #8

Is there any upcoming events?

(Hakim Laa) #9

When is the nearest event?

(Jarone) #10

next event is startup weekend miri 2019!

(Jarone) #11

Link: Join the entrepreneurship community in Miri

join us if through the link if you guys are interested.

(Jarone) #12

Hi guys,

There is a new event in Town called TPAB (TEGAS pre-accelerator Program)

Its a 1 week program free by the Government to push the startup movement in sarawak!

Click the link below to know more!