Ensure safety of students in school, teachers told

At the educational district level, I’ve reminded leaders to observe the surrounding areas in the school such as classroom, toilet, canteen and others frequented by students. Dr Hassan Hasbolla, Miri district education officer

MIRI: Teachers in this district are urged to respond to the government’s effort to ensure students are safe in school.

Miri district education officer Dr Hassan Hasbollah wants teachers to practise this safety culture.

“Leader s ( headmaster s, principals or teachers) in the school, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of students in school.

“At the educational district level, I’ve reminded leaders to observe the surrounding areas in the school such as classroom, toi let , canteen and others frequented by students.

“If you find anything that can endanger them, take immediate action not only to get rid of the harmful item but solve the problem total ly,” he said when officiating at SK Pujut Corner’s Monthly Assembly and Appreciation for Excellent Students in Co- curriculum Involvement 2017 at the school’s mini hall on Thursday.

Dr Hassan said this after an SMK Merbau student was killed while crossing the Jalan Kuala Baram bypass road around 11.30pm that day.

He invited t eachers and guests who came for the event to observe a moment of silence for the deceased.

Dr Hassan reminded school leaders not to take lightly the need for students to subscribe to the safety culture while in school.

“We must remind students, particularly at primary level, not to chase each other while playing in school as facilities such as uncovered drains, toilet bowls, septic tanks and many others can become booby traps.”

He a l s o wa nt e d s cho ol leaders to give attention to the maintenance of the school’s facilities and its compound.

“If you think the trees are overgrown and pose a danger to students, you can get assistance from the school’s parent-teacher association ( PTA) to cut down or trim the branches. Don’t wait until something untoward happens to your students, when it will be too late.”

He cal led on the leaders to continue keeping the school safe for students.

On safety outside the school, he said school leaders can station traffic wardens to help students cross the road, especially during peak traffic hours.

“Most schools in Miri are located at the roadside so traffic wardens should play a role, and parents share the responsibility by reminding their children to be careful when crossing the road.”

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