‘Enlighten rural folks on GST’

MIRI: Talks to explain the implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) need to be conducted for rural folks at grassroots level.

Sibuti MP Ahmad Lai Bujang said this was because many people particularly at grassroots level are still unclear about its implementation.

Public talk should be conducted more at village level to ensure rural folks dont get misled by irresponsible groups. At the same time, the people can exercise their rights as customers as accurate information can protect them from opportunistic traders hiking prices of goods indiscriminately, he told thesundaypost when met here yesterday.

Ahmad Lai could not deny that some irresponsible traders had hiked prices since GSTs implementation on April 1. This he said could cause confusion among the people.

He said the people and traders were expected to encounter problems on GST during the first six months of its implementation, so enforcement should go to the ground regularly to monitor the situation.

He hoped the relevant authority distribute the list of items subject to GST to customers in rural areas to help villagers manage their expenses.

He advised Internet users not to be influenced by wrong information about GST on social network such as Facebook as they might be intended to provoke the people.