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can translate to english ka? :mrgreen:

I really love this story, Nice!!!



Time passes, an old-fashioned adjective , but less relevant to touch my heart .
I have a month in Sarawak .
I’m from West Malaysia . It is the wandering Sarawak in East Malaysia . Remember a month ago today , and West Malaysia 's group of friends in the "red box " party , before departure , we embrace the tears could not help me to wallow in the eyes . Remember sitting in the airport , then a pass through the blessing of a telephone , let me at the airport are at least 1 liter of tears shed . Yes, for the first time , parting will feel dismay . For the first time that , although from the same mother Ma things , but far away it is , is far better .
Friends know that I finally choose to work in Sarawak , will be frowned asked me: "Why do you want to fly to Sarawak to work? often people in Sarawak to West Malaysia , how you and others the opposite ah ? "I do not always know how to answer This problem. For me, it does not have a definite answer. Maybe I just do not want to lose control ?
Ordinary people feel that East Malaysia West Malaysia , especially Sarawak people seem to live in a tree. University roommate is Kuching , we always joke that she was even reluctant to go home with him to see the true colors of Sarawak . Roommate always unwilling to respond to said floor , said he was taking the elevator up to the tree of Sarawak people .
Once , and I have all the general knowledge . Have not set foot on this land , to mind is a desolate landscape . Education from small to large , have let my subconscious that Sarawak is no enviable place things . If not that people here live in the trees , but there is limited understanding of a purely indigenous people in addition to naked , left with a long wooden house , hills , and so keep up the imagination of the times .
A month later , there is still someone asked me why not go to a “technology” place to work? Some people even pour cold water on me and said : " seen enough , West Malaysia on the back now! to East Malaysia working weird ah ! "I laughed in response to left - chances are, you have come here to walk it! Perhaps you , like me, could not resist it for the redress of grievances here !
My new wandering the city - Miri . It is the second largest city in Sarawak . He told "forest "should also take not in the least . First arrived in the United States , I can not help but laugh . This place is not enough busy laughing , but smiling people not to upgrade the general West Malaysia 's geographical knowledge . Here, not only failed to build a tree house , and almost every room Bixi Ma big . Like to see you here with bags to respond " no plastic bag day every day " , like step by step in the streets looking for non- trend flavor , like while eating , while holding a small camera, and secretly photographed faces of elderly people are playing chess Like to accompany the sun to get up early , looked more like the “clean” the sky blooming purple , blue , red and orange sunset .
Compared to West Malaysia , where more than a sense of security and ease , if really want to prevail West Malaysia , Sarawak, West Malaysia may also just less competition and peak hours , and a wide variety of street only . However, I think , Sarawak people prefer the security and comfort at ease here , right? If , West Malaysia Sarawak think people just keep their people living in the trees , I think that West Malaysia Sarawak 's next generation will live in a spaceship !

Dono translated good or not

For me…Sarawak is always better than West Malaysia…

I am more interested in what he did at Sarawak?

I AGREE!!! SAarawak is more peace n servece that wast malaysia, air fresh than wast malaysia n more… I LOVE SAWAWAK~

Santa92…u love sawawak??? new place for me! haha

100% agree… i love Sarawak… Peace and Harmony…
Especially for Chinese. Not like the Chinese in West Malaysia likely under MALAY.
I love Sarawak… HOPE it not change…
HOPE Sarawak Government can more independent and development

i love sarawak coz im sarawakian hehe ;D

singaporean do ask me the same question then i answer back:" Yup, we do stay on top of tree but we not climb up, we use lift."

alice su, you said w.msia cina likely under malay sounds abit more like racist to me. where is the 1msia spirit?
go sky city karaoke lounge if you want to meet this guy.

i better dun follow 1 malaysia spirt~