Encouraging SPM results for Sarawak despite slight average grade drop

Abang Mat Ali (seated centre) is seen with the principals of the high achieving schools.

KUCHING: Sarawak managed an encouraging overall achievement in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) 2018 despite a 5.19 state average grade (GPN), which was a slight drop of 0.02 per cent compared to SPM 2017.

Sarawak Education Department deputy director Abang Mat Ali Abang Masagus said 19 schools achieved a School Average Grade (GPS) of four and below, while 23 schools recorded at least 10 top scorers with a minimum of A- for all subjects taken.

“The one and only school with an excellent GPS, which is between 0 and 2.25, is SM Sains Kuching Utara with a GPS of 1.94,” he said when announcing Sarawak’s SPM 2018 results yesterday.

The other schools with a GPS of four and below were SM Sains Miri (2.30), SMK Scared Heart (2.65), SMK St Elizabeth (2.7), Kolej Datuk Patinggi Abang Haji Abdillah and SMK Agama Tun Ahmad Zaidi (both 2.91), SMK Methodist (2.93), SM Sains Kuching (2.97), Kolej Tun Datu Tuanku Haji Bujang (3.07), SMK St Anthony (3.32), SMK Tinggi Sarikei (3.59), SMK Tiong Hin (3.6), SMK Kwong Hua (3.64), SMK Agama Miri (3.65), SMK Kubong (3.69), SMK Lutong (3.78), SMK St Joseph (3.92), SMK Jalan Oya (3.95), and SMK Agama Sibu (3.97).

Abang Mat Ali said SMK Methodist had the highest number of high achievers with 40 candidates scoring a minimum of A- in all subjects taken.

“SMK Sacred Heart and SMK St Elizabeth had 25 each of such top scorers, followed by SMK Lutong, SMK Tung Hua, and SMK St Anthony (21 each); SMK Green Road (19) and SMK Chung Hua (18),” he added.

The other schools included SM Sains Kuching Utara (17), SMK Batu Lintang and SMK Bintulu (16 each), SMK Sungai Maong and SMK Tinggi Kuching (15 each), SMK Sungai Tapang and SMK Tinggi Sarikei (14 each), as well as Kolej Datuk Patinggi Abang Haji Abdillah, SMK St Teresa, and SMK Tiong Hin (12 each).

Top achievers show their certificates and result slips.

The remaining schools with 10 top scorers are SMK Deshon, SMK Merbau, Kolej Tun Datu Tuanku Haji Bujang, SMK Chung Hua, and SMK Agama Tun Ahmad Zaidi.

“The total number of candidates who scored a minimum of A- in all subjects is 533 compared to 670 in the SPM 2017. This shows a drop of 0.35 per cent,” said Abang Mat Ali.

He also said 21 rural schools across Sarawak excelled in SPM 2018.

SM Sains Kuching topped the list with a GPS of 2.97 followed by SMK St Anthony recording (3.32), SMK Tinggi Sarikei (3.59), SMK Kwong Hua (3.64), SMK Kubong (3.69), and SMK Jalan Oya (3.95).

The other top rural schools are SMK Agama Sheikh Haji Othman Abdul Wahab (4.03), SMK Kai Chung (4.16), SMK (A) Limbang (4.4), SMK Bawang Assan (4.57), SMK Meradong (4.58), SMK Datuk Haji Abdul Rahman Yakub (Sedaya) (4.6), SMK Luar Bandar Sibu (4.63), SM Teknik Sejingkat and SMK Limbang (4.66), SMK Sungai Tapang (4.67), SMK Julau No. 2 (4.83), SMK Pesantren Abdul Taib Mahmud (4.96), SMK Agama Igan (4.97), SMK Temenggong Datuk Lawai Jau (4.98), and SMK Kanowit (5).

Abang Mat Ali said both urban and rural schools registered a drop in performance for Science and Mathematics.

He said a drop of 0.89 per cent was recorded among urban schools in Science, while rural schools registered a 1.04 per cent drop.

For Mathematics, he said urban and rural schools recorded a drop of 1.51 per cent and 1.4 per cent respectively.

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