Encounter with a pervert on X'mas Day

I encountered with a very sick pervert yesterday at 1 of the supermarket here in Miri. This guy is so sick I just have to teach him a lesson otherwise, he will think he can get away with his pervert behavior.

I brought my kids to shop and when we reached, my husband walked in front of us. I guess that pervert didn’t realize I was with my husband. Probably he thought I was alone with my kids and maid. When I entered the supermarket, I noticed someone looking at me already. Then I purposely stopped right at 1 of the shelf to look at something just to make sure I wasn’t followed. I confirmed he was STALKING me because every corner I went, there was there. Right to get near to me. Initially I thought he wanted to kidnap the kids or anything…so I quickly grabbed hold of my daughter’s hand and told her to move away.

Then I went around the supermarket to get my stuffs. As I was getting ready to go to the counter to pay, this pervert guy came right in front of me, looked down on my shirt (my cleavage) and go “wahhhhhhh”. I got really pissed off with his action and I just turned and asked him, “why? does that make you happy, huh? HUH? HUH?” Then I guess at that moment, he realized the target the wrong woman. He target a crazy woman. Hahahaha…coz I confronted him right after he go “wahhhhhh”. Maybe he’s been doing these pervert behavior all these while and got away with it.

I know some of u must be thinking I must be wearing some scantily clothings. NO. I just wear a single spaghetti strap tee and a short coz I was getting ready for BBQ!!! And to think a pervert can actually drool and stalk on me that way! It’s alright if he just looked and keep quiet. Maybe some men just can’t resist seeing a woman wearing sleeveless top. Still, don’t have to go “wahhhhh” in front of the woman’s face. That is sexual harrassment TO ME!!!

Alright. I continued with my story. Then, I called my husband right in front of him coz after he go “wahhhh” he met his friend and stopped by to chat with him. So, I stood behind him and called my husband. When this guy heard me talking over the phone and asking, “where r u?” I guess he knew I’m calling for help. He quickly moved away and I saw him holding his car key. From then, I knew he must be hurrying to leave that place. So I chased lah.

My hubby seeing me chasing after a guy from behind, he ran faster than me and WHACKED that stupid pervert guy from behind. Then another punch again right into his eyes! Hahaha…ok. I have to handle it the sick way since he is a sick guy!! I wanted to beat the hell out of him actually but his wife immediately said sorry when I told her that her husband has been following me since I entered the supermarket till he go “wahhhh”. What is that for, I asked her. I even go to the extend of telling the wife, “if your husband want to just look…fine. He can look all he want…but not “wahhhhhhh” in front of my face coz I don’t take that.” I TOOK A PICTURE OF HIM though just to let him know the next time he wants to be a pervert, he better think twice. Not every women suffers that kind of sexual harrassment in silence. He just got the wrong person yesterday and Merry Christmas to him. That’s my Christmas gift to him.

I sort of pity the wife though coz when I told her what her husband did, she immediately apologized and she didn’t even bother to defend him. All she did is saying sorry about what he did to me.

OK. What do u guys think??? My mother said I am so violent!!! Am I???

A little violent , yes .
But its OK to treat a pervert like that .
He deserves it . I will make him vanish when I sees him next time , HAHA!

Show me the picture bah! :smiley:


Haaa…finally chabo. You have posted this. I was waiting for this! Haa…Hilarious!!! Careful at who you are perving at next time, guys! :wink:

Served him right!

Mind telling where it happened?

Last week , my aunt was Q-ing up at Servay(PELITA AREA) to pay up for her son’s stationary .
In front her , there was this Iban guy . She saw him used his Samsung phone , put under an Old-Ah-Ma’s dress and snap a shot .

Later , the guy immediately moved out of the Q and hide at somewhere , I think he was trying to see the Ah-Ma’s undies .
Damn pervert nowadays are too f*cking desperate .

I pity their upbringing …

Hahaha…like what u said, VALERIE IS BACK!!! and back for good. I think it’s time I teach those pervert and sex maniac a lesson.

I’ve been through all these sick pervert too many times to let them get away with it.

Those that think I’m violent…haha…well, if u read my initial postings on “Is this consider sexual harrassment?”, u will understand why I am so violent towards these pervert!!! :twisted:

Good going ValerieG…

Violent? Nolah…

Not even close…

[quote=“Vixious”]Served him right!

Mind telling where it happened?[/quote]

Ng Sian Hap. I really pitied his wife. Really! If not for his wife, I think my fighting weapon r out already. Hahaha…this man should thank his wife for saving him, man!

How close was he when he ‘Wahhhhh’ like that le?

I mean like his head to your… there lo…

[quote=“TopEarner”]Good going ValerieG…

Violent? Nolah…

Not even close…[/quote]

haha…if only u were there…then u can help me to be more violent lah…he deserves more than that 2 punches, actually. Just that my husband see the wife is so apologetic, just let it go lor.

I think the wife knew her husband is a pervert coz she really didn’t jump to his defence at all…except keep on saying SORRY.

What do u guys think? Girls…woman…better be careful.

Violent? Haaa…You are a legend to me, Val. :wink:

I miss you! You are back! Hurray!!!

[quote=“TopEarner”]How close was he when he ‘Wahhhhh’ like that le?

I mean like his head to your… there lo…[/quote]

Very close. Coz he walked right from the opposite…all the way in front of me…and looked down with his head tilted to my side and go “wahhhhhh”

we got a Wonder Woman in town…hahaha…well done ValerieG.

Show us the picture so we know who should we look out for.

[quote=“Sleight of Hand Magic”]A little violent , yes .
But its OK to treat a pervert like that .
He deserves it . I will make him vanish when I sees him next time , HAHA!

Show me the picture bah! :smiley:


Im not sure if I can actually post his picture…so better not lor…but only half of his face coz he was covering his PUNCHED eyes!

Wow… Haha, I laugh cos I never thought anyone
would be so crazy enough to do that to anyone so
close up…

Serves him right anyway… Lucky he just use his
mouth and not his hands lo…

PM us the pic… Pls pls pls…

Sekali see our own fren… Blah…

Yup. Luckily he didn’t use his hands…or I think I’ll give him a HUGE Christmas gift that he’ll remember all his life!!! That’s what I think also TopEarner. He must be doing it all these while & got away with it or else…who would be so bold and daring to do that in public, right???

LOL… You must be very sexy then Valerie…

Is he handsome?

If u guys see any of your married friend with a bruised eyes…probably he’s that pervert lor…Im not sure his friend (who talked to him in the supermarket) saw him got whacked on X’mas Day or not!!

Can I really show u guys the pic??? It’s not his full face, though!! Who knows he might be 1 of the member here. How??

Just show us !!!
Or maybe PM some of us ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway , I will make him vanish with my magic wand IF I have the luck to see him ! HAHA *kidding

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