Emphasis on skills training

Emphasis on skills training

By : NewsDesk

Date Posted : Wednesday 18-Nov-2015

MIRI: The government is encouraging the school leavers especially the SPM certificate holders to take up the training offers at the National Youth Skill Training (IKBN),Industrial Training Institute(ILP) and Polytechnic.

About 90 per cent of school leavers are targetted by the government to be trained in the various technical skills in training institutes.

“So far the governement has allocated RM1.6 billion to finance the skills training at the institutes mentioned and we will work together with the private sectors to conduct the training,” the Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister Office (Promotion of Technical Education) Datu Len Talif Saleh told reporters during a press conference held at Miri Port Authority, Kuala Baram, near here.

Len said, “There were only 85 per cent vacancies in the training institutes which had been filled,and the government needs more trainees to join the skills and technical training available.”

Meanwhile,NIOSH Chairman Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye said,” Niosh fully supports the TM Tec Academy for the various programmes and activities that were carried out from the State and all these should help the state to become industralised to minimise accident at workplace.”

He also added that private sector had to take action to ensure the workforce, employees were given safety awarness and training so that the workplace would be a safer place.

“It is important to get employers involved to provide safety education for motorcyclists,for workers,”Lee stressed during the press conference.

Employees are often regarded by management to be the most important assets of any organisation. Hence, it makes sense that this particular asset should be protected in terms of health and safety and nurtured to ensure that they continued to be productive.

In any business enterprise, the issue of preserving and retaining the employees is most urgent. Management must now step back and take a hard look at their asset and actively show how much they value their employees with a responsible OSH Policy backed up by the necessary organisation and systems to implement accident prevention programmes.

Many people are not conscious of the importance of occupational safety and health (OSH) until an accident, injury or fatality occurs.

There are industries which do not want to invest in safety and health at the workplace because of the cost factor, Lee pointed out.

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