Electric motorcycles expected to hit the road soon

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Electric motorcycles expected to hit the road soon

PETALING JAYA: Electric motorcycles are expected to hit Malaysian roads as early as next year once the law is in place.

One manufacturer, Eclimo Sdn Bhd, said its appointed assembler Naza Bikes Sdn Bhd would only begin manufacturing once the guidelines from the Road Transport Department (JPJ) were out.

“We need to know JPJ’s requirements for electric motorcycles to be allowed on the road,” said its CEO Woo Kok Boon yesterday.

JPJ director-general Datuk Solah Mat Hassan told The Star that all electric vehicles could not be registered until the Road Transport Act 1987 is amended.

He said electric vehicles did not have engine numbers as required under the Act.
Going electric: Project coordinator Gary Ooi is sitting on the Penan’, the electric scooter produced by Eclimo Sdn Bhd, with two electric bicycles by his side.

"That is why the law is being amended to exempt electric vehicles.

“The Act is awaiting its second reading in Parliament,” he said, adding that this would probably take place in the middle of next month.

Woo said knowing the requirements before production began would save time and money.

“This will enable us to assemble a motorcycle that conforms to JPJ’s specifications,” he said.

The company planned to produce a lithium battery-powered scooter, to be known as Penan, which it claimed would offer a similar performance to a 125cc petrol-powered motorcycle.

Woo expected the motorcycle to be priced slightly above RM10,000.

National motorcycle company Motosikal Dan Enjin Nasional Sdn Bhd (Modenas) also said it was ready to launch its electric motorcycle within the next few months.

Modenas CEO Bastamam Hamzah said its factory in Gurun had the capacity to assemble up to 500 units per month.

“We have received a lot of enquiries from the public about the motorcycle,” he said.

Bastaman said the target market would be those who usually travel within 35km to 40km.

The motorcycle, known as CTRIC, would be powered by sealed lead acid gel battery and could hit a maximum speed of 110kmh. Its selling price was expected to be below RM5,000.

im riding a penan bike…eh, dat sound fcuking racist isnt it?

insult n racism…y not named it as melayu bike as well?

How long does it takes to recharge everytime?
If broken go where repair?
Spare parts price?

i doubt it will be a hit after the launch…

RM5000 can buy Yamaha ego already…
So far quite reliable bike…

only pak cik n mak cik will buy…cannot rempit!! :lol:

i think its good leh. better than being sucked paying for petrol. not like petrol is cheap nowadays.
penisular’s vehicle can install gas, here dun even have subsidy
maybe, G think mirians are darn rich, ei? :lol:

still remember those china /taiwan make battery powered motorbike which are sold more then 3k plus where are them now?
now only see those 1k plus battery powered bicycle around.