Election becomes a DANGEROUS ISSUE!

guess what? ELECTION is becoming a more and more dangerous issue in west malaysia also not excluding East malaysia!

be aware of this …

[center]Cops detonate 2nd bomb planted at Nibong Tebal BN ops centre[/center]

NIBONG TEBAL: Police had detonated the second bomb stacked in a pile of garbage early this morning, about four hours after the first bomb planted behind the Nibong Tebal Barisan Nasional operation centre in Jawi here exploded last night, leaving one party worker injured.

State police chief Datuk Abdul Rahim Jaafar said the second bomb, was found at the same site about 2am and was detonated by the police bomb squad about an hour later.

Abdul Rahim said police have identified the bombs as Improvised Explosive Device (IED) which was meant to create loud explosion and strong wave but did not contain splinter.

“The bombs, made by professionals, were meant to scare the public and not meant to cause injury,” he told Pressmen at the scene today.

He said the 35-year-old BN worker who was injured in the incident, was hit by a piece of PVC material from the garbage pile and not from the bomb.

Abdul Rahim said police did not rule out the possibility that the bombs were meant to scare the public rather than to cause injuries.

“We have form a task force to investigate the incident and I am giving a stern warning against those responsible behind it,” he said.

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We all know who did it. Same thing as the Sulu incursion. All drama for the precursor GE.

true true some say, they themselves who made all this up… and blame it on the other parties… this people are really cheap… doing such priceless stuff to get people’s attention…

cheap scare tactics to indirectly put blame on the other side and discourage ppl from going out to vote.

:lol: :x Well we dont know which macai responsible it yet. Maybe PKR , BN , PERKASA or HINDRAF

How can supporter of other political party got and plant bomb in the backyard of heavily guarded by Mat Sempit BN fort?

blame Singapore…?

Ask the supporter of this party themself… Maybe they are so bored that they have notHing to do and start becoming the terrorist of their territory and start putting blames on different sides… well you know… Politics are like that… Thats why i never want to side any party… Coz they are all the same… Unless if one party can prove that they can make a great change for the citizen of malaysia… If they just do this for the sake of wanting for their own good… Might as well not vote… Waste of our damn time…

That is why when one of the chinese party made a joke on najib saying that when psy came to malaysia… Najib ask for gangnam style… But guess what psy said? "no… YOU KANASAI!! :lol:

When Kiram’s army invaded Sabah, it was the Opposition doing. Finally, it was Mahathir fault for giving them IC. This BN is good at spinning news just for the sack to tarnish Opposition. Who’s fault is 13th Mei? Opposition of UMNO then? My “Middle finger” to BN!

true story bro…

heres a gift!


BN is bloody desperate to win at all costs! Even, if it means to kill their own supporters and blame others. BN is dirty to the core! Boot them Out!

they will NEVER give up no matter what, they will do anything to get this party to build up… but sad to say, all is lost for them, dirty techniques have been revealed by the native people, it’s like saying, ONCE broken consider SOLD!..

now even the native does not want to vote for them, because now they know that they are such a big old trickster…

the devil’s plan have finally been revealed…