Elderly siblings from Sri Aman no longer ‘non-citizens’

Bujang and Imut with their new MyKad.

Bujang and Imut with their new MyKad.

MIRI: Siblings Imut Bansing, 69, and Bujang Bansing, 56, can proudly declare that they are full-fledged Sarawakians following their receipt of birth certificates and MyKad from the National Registration Department (JPN).

The duo’s plight was first highlighted by The Borneo Post on Nov 21, which caught the attention of JPN Kuching.

The two then received their birth certificates on Nov 22 and their MyKad on Dec 9.

The siblings lost their personal documents in a fire that razed their longhouse in Kampung Peruan, Sri Aman, in 1990.

The incident rendered them being labelled as ‘Bukan Warganegara’ (Non-Citizen) on their medical cards and since then, they had failed to convince JPN to replace their identification documents despite multiple applications.

“Indeed, it’s a joy for the siblings having received new personal documents right before Christmas Day. They seem to be more in the mood to celebrate it this year,” a close relative of the siblings told The Borneo Post when met here on Thursday. Moreover, Imut and Bujang would not have to pay the RM30 charge each whenever they go for check-ups at government’s hospital or clinic from now on.

“They’re no longer non-citizens — they’re now full-fledged Sarawakians, thanks to the newspaper and JPN.”


Source: http://miri.my/2015/12/11/elderly-siblings-from-sri-aman-no-longer-non-citizens/