im looking for an EG6, if anyone is selling an eg6 please PM me .

there is a unit selling 35k, interested?\

35k? condition? miri?

got pic?
no more loan?

this car u want kah?

wo wo wo wo alex…the owner wanna sell it or not…i dont think its for sale…WHP 28X sumthing if not mistaken…power on engine? 3XXhp lor!

if the offer is goos, i think he will lar!!!
Lace, this one really kick oh! Sarawak Drag Battle won Group A 3rd place and Group B champion!!! smart street version drag car

not k20 but k24 UPGRADED!!!

yeah… for those who want to c this car, it will come to the borneo drag race 2010 on 6th june! so u guys enjoy it!!!

wan lao its hot!
300++ hp? arh!!! can loan or not

the owner wan sale mer?

lols nice one dennos
owner wanna sell? really?

alex, how much he selling it for?

definitely not within your budget.

k24?close ratio gearbox?skunk2 intake?
i think not within scout budget
bulat,u intro the car u wan 2 sell la…

more than 35k…more than 45k

if u want, kuching here got another which selling 33k but no DOHC but vtec saja, if not mistaken

call this owner, he probably like to sell his…

Ah Hong’s car?

7379? izzit stil 2.3?