Education department: Student guilty of theft

yea, all my friends get good jobs… no one become bum or loafers. Because why rotan good last time? first teacher will say why he have to rotan us, then give choice, tell parents or take rotan… last time kids takut parents know… better teacher rotan then parents rotan… hahahahaha, kan??? kan???

no wonder so many pondan n gay in school now…young generation is getting sissy!![/quote]

Sorry but that’s a silly assumption.

Rotan makes a good citizen, but todays the school produced bad seed, very arrogant and ego student. Behind St Joseph i saw some couple do live french kiss. Ayo! forgot to bring my PSP to record the whole event. Some also smoke including the girls at form 1!

waaah… sounds like my old school last time… hahaha… everything happening under the headmaster house.