Education department: Student guilty of theft

Education department: Student guilty of theft

KUCHING: The parents of a 17-year-old student alleging assault at the hands of his SM Teknik discipline teacher are having second thoughts about proceeding with their police report.
The reconsideration by the parents comes after investigations revealed that not only was the boy guilty of the crime for which he was punished, but he had suffered no injuries as a result of the alleged assault.

On Thursday, the boy lodged a report at Gita police station alleging that his discipline teacher had assaulted him on Tuesday and Thursday, after he and three others were accused of stealing.

A State Education Department spokesperson said that investigations showed that although the discipline teacher’s hands had made contact with the boy’s head, shoulders and back, he did not punch him, as stated in the police report.

Furthermore, he said, the boy had been proven to be guilty of the offence.
"The teacher resorted to that action as he had proof that the student had stolen RM40 and a pen drive from another student.

“There was no malice intended as reported by him,” the spokesperson said.

The boy was called to make an official statement on Friday and was requested to undergo a medical check-up to prove that he was injured due to the alleged assault.

Sources told the New Straits Times that the report showed the boy had received no injuries.

When commenting on the case, State Education director Dr Julaihi Bujang said that although the teacher’s intentions were right, he crossed the line when administering punishment.

“I have stressed this to all teachers over and over again: they must stick to procedures when handling disciplinary matters. We are governed by rules and regulations.”

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when discipline teacher cannot hit student as punishment, dun kol they discipline teacher!
no wonder so many pondan n gay in school now…young generation is getting sissy!!

[quote=“haroldz”]when discipline teacher cannot hit student as punishment, dun kol they discipline teacher!
no wonder so many pondan n gay in school now…young generation is getting sissy!![/quote]
i disagree with you on this. being sissy is one thing but that doesnt mean they cant be a discipline teacher. a discipline teacher doesnt need to be muscular, tall or fierce looking just to fit the criteria.

when it come to punishment, it is all up to the teacher justification and the tendency of crossing the line is quite high too ( subjective to the teacher emotional level) just like what happen to the case above. in this case if both sides are thoroughly investigates then i merely find that its fair for both parties.

eh, rotan jak bah…
mcm kamek org dolok…


kamek orang dolok brutal gik punishment nya e.g: berdiri atas kerusi/meja, berdiri di luar kelas sepanjang period (sak bertambah populariti kat sekolah-budak ga’ok), berlari keliling padang 10 pusingan (nasib sik leput on the spot), berjemur kat tapak perhimpunan selama 1 period (masa tok tapak perhimpunan belum ada hall gik), berendam dalam kolam ikan yang sikda ikan pun ada…sikda pun sampei molah repot purisss… paling2 pun nangis dalam diam :smiley:

no to corporal punishment. the disciplining teacher can be held accountable under the law :shock: :shock:

good day miricom

purely just my own view that I think sometimes teacher has to can their students…becoz of repeating offenses and breaching school procedures…also I think parents do play a bigger roles in educating their kids… how can they rely all on the teachers… and when action is taken, parents start to complain… where are their responsibilities for ajar their kids…

alamak… :roll: :roll:

the teacher shouldn’t have lay his/her hand on the student.

caning, if allowed, should be administered as a deliberate punishment, not as an act of anger or vengence.

only the disciplinary teacher can do the caning. the parents should be informed and allowed to witness if they choose to.

all other teachers should just keep their hands to themselves.

Haaaiyaaa… potong jak tangan cam kat Saudi tok… I can be sure he will not be a repeated offender again. Hahahahaha Aok… pukul jak pakey penyapu rotan cam kat sekolah ku dolok… apa takut.

melampo juak pakei penyapu rotan ya…adalah penyapu rotan dolok? musykil ku koh ahakz… :lol: :lol:

Ada… zaman sekolah mek org dolok student notorious (nasib jak semua classmate aku kerja bagus2, sikda jadi criminal), cikgu pon notorious… 3 taun sikda headmaster kat skolah, sikda nok mauk jadi headmaster sekolah mek org… hahaha…

cam bunyi sekolah LUGOSS jak ya ahakz…tapi kan perasan ke sik, student dolok2 memang sik dinafikan ke-notorius-san sikda nya, cara cikgu displinkan student pun notorius juak tapi kebanyakkan student notorius tok semua keja bagus2 kan. sik kedak mbiak kinek tok yarabiiii manjak kali jakk. :lol: :lol:

aok… sekolah lutong. Hahah… SMK Lutong… hahaha… camney tauk? Yup true. jejaik student dolok, semua kerja bagus, kebanyakan my classmate jadi lecturer, project manager, business owner or work with government, aku ajak masih keja tukang sapu supermarket.

dah ku agak dah bekas LUGOSS tek…camnei tauk? sebab pernah sekolah sia dolok la huahuahua…

SMKL, the best of all, even though the facility for a school is quite ‘under-finance’, but, still I would not trade that time with any school. Hahahaha… best best. Those were the best time, except uni/college days of course… hahaha… I think half of my classmate went overseas on scholarship, the rest to local uni… now, man… sikit sikit complain education department lah… what lah… dolok, mun cikgu gaok gilak, abis kereta ka motosikal ka cikgu ya jadi mangsa… Hahahaha… lagik berkesan dari education department… hahahaha

Well am proud to be the class of 92s 5E regardless of what…! w00tz!

well SMKL is way ‘beautiful’ than the old days. the school really has undergone massive changes and me too proud of being one of LUGOSS though only studied there for 2 years. 5E in 92s hhmmm…my junior padu hal. :stuck_out_tongue:

Really? I know most of my seniors… Well from Scouting actually…

kids nowadys = spoilt brats… how can u teach them without dicipline??? wats d use of talking 2 them when it goes in 1 ear n out d other?? by instaling abit of fear n respect(towards teachers n parents) in2 them, then 8 least there wont b so much problems…

anybdy a teacher here?? can comment abt how form 1-2-3 students are taking over in schools?? to MC members who were schooling in d 70,80,90’s ,do we c alot of dicipline problems during our days???

i was in scouting too…becoming more active after left school, now the scout uniform hanged in the closet- sik muat dah ahakz…my leather woggle pun dah sik tauk siney dah adehhh…

hmm… I think i should know u… in any case, good to see another LUGOSS online. :slight_smile:

i think todays kids are arrogant. a bit punishment kena report polis. In my days we kena “super gaban rotan” until some butt get bleed but still the student understand what punishment for. Now these ex student became great lawyer, businessmen and some professional job. …because the learned. The rotan policy must a rise once again! I vote.