Edifier , Logitech or Altec Lansing?

I’m thinking of getting new speaker for my PC (2.1 or 5.1). Budget is tight and target price is about RM300.

Not being expert when it comes to speakers so I would like to know your thoughts on the following brands:

  1. Edifier
  2. Logitech
  3. Altec Lansing

Thanks :mrgreen:

Logitech X230 2.1 Speaker around RM 200
EDIFIER M3300 also price around RM 200

this 2 model not bad for 2.1
for 5.1 no model around tat price o…

Get a 2.1 system from Altec Lansing, satisfaction guaranteed! Just make sure the subwoofer case is not plastic.

altec lansing la kawan…

manyak bagut itu quality wor…

been using altec lansing 2.1 speaker for over 5 years oredi…
still good… but i seldom crank up d volume

if the speaker got “pecah-pecah sound”, it probably a tear in a thin screen inside the speaker…

not sure if claim warranty

my vote’s also for altec lansing n logitech…
Currently im using XA-3051 (altec lansing 5.1) everyday full blast till whole house shaking also no problems… used for 3-4 yrs alrdy
still having an old logitech x -series 2.1 also working well…pretty strong too.

Interesting although I read on the net that Edifier, despite the brand originated from China, is actually good too. The big advantage I know about Edifier is its cheaper price.

Get Creative lah only RM80 and comparable with Altec Lansing. Of course that is IF you can find any more of the creative 2.1 models cos most of them ppl grab OO

Edifier is not bad, new in our market… sounds good too… belum cuba belum tahu…

I have doubts about Edifier (being new & unknown) too until I read some of the reviews on the speakers.

i am using edifier also… at first wan to buy altec lansing, but see the sub do not have kick leh…except for those 5.1 channel…
decide buying edifier. more powerful sub…using it for almost 3 month already…got remote click2 the volume… then connect to tv eventually become mini home treater … :stuck_out_tongue: …save budget to buy bigger home treater next time…

yeah… can blast the sub kow kow… hehe… not a big deal…

go for edifier…im been using the edifier fro quite long edi and sound also good…

Which shop sells Edifier speakers (not just 2-3 sets).

go for logitec or altec lansing ( 70year ) u won’t regret it.


go for altec lansing!!! :slight_smile:

Depends on what ur looking at :smiley:

You should make the decision based on “quality” and design maybe? In terms of quality honestly speaking i never can notice quality difference of logitech and altec lansing… but maybe if u compare to china branded stuff then can notice lah… :stuck_out_tongue:

So go for altec lansing le… since i hear lots of ppl say its nice…

i think they r almst same… but i currently prefer for logitech :smiley:

my recommendations within your budget:

clarity and sharpness (best for instrumental/acoustic): philips mms321
bass: logitech z-4
general: altec lansing X4021 - not sure if this is within ur budget

heard that sonic gear is very cheap o…what brand is that ?? new brand kah? for me, i will buy altec lansing lo…looks better hehehe

I like Altec Lansing’s design… the sound also not bad… i would vote for Altec Lansing… other brand’s design doesn’t got in my interest… =)