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Virtual Internet Payment (viP)
viPs payment gateway is an essential part of payment processing. While a merchant account authorizes you to accept credit cards online, the payment gateway is the application that processes each transaction and deposits funds into your companys designated bank account.

While most of our clients choose to bundle their viP merchant account with our payment gateway, there are those with an already established internet merchant account from their bank who prefer the flexibility of utilizing our gateway services alone.

Whether youre using it bundled with a viP merchant account or on its own, our payment gateway includes the following features:

Secure, Real-Time Transactions
Our secure payment transaction module communicates with Australian and US credit card processors in real time. Because of this, viP provides the merchant and their customers instant notification that their transaction has been approved. This merchant solution allows for safe, encrypted transactions to be processed via the Internet. An added benefit to the transaction module is that multiple transactions can be processed simultaneously, therefore saving valuable time and transaction processing fee/change.

Online Reports
Merchants have real-time access to our detailed online reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some of the reports available are as follows:

Transaction details Instantaneous transaction logging and reporting Initiation of post-authorizations, credits and voids Customer purchasing history eTerminal
viPs virtual terminal (eTerminal) turns your computer into a point of sale credit card terminal. Our eTerminal allows you to manually process credit card transactions for mail orders, phone orders and walk-in business clients. In combination with a laptop computer, eTerminal becomes particularly useful for convention and tradeshow vendors.

Simple API
viP provides a simple and easy to use API for our merchants which works across all operating system environments. For merchants that are developing their own system with viP, our API includes a test account and complete documentation. Merchants can begin developing with their test account at any time, it’s not necessary to wait until their live account setup is complete. Henceforth reduces the development time for our merchants and most begin transacting the moment they are live.

Banking Options
Our clients using a viP merchant account have the added flexibility to have their funds deposited into the bank of their choosing. For our Malaysian merchants, they can deposit funds into Bank Islam (M) Berhad. For those requiring gateway services alone, please click here to learn more about our banking affiliations.