Eating and finding for food in Miri

Miri is a pretty small city compared to Kuching. So places like shops and inns are mostly cramped up in the middle of the city. In terms of going from place to place, it is an advantage because every place is so close to each other. :smiley:

Anyway, back to the topic. When it comes to food, I’m really very partcular as my family is very health-concious. And when eating out, I would pick the best place to have the healthiest meals. In Miri, finding such a place is not as easy as I expected. But after doing the hunting for the second time, I finally found a place where my family can enjoy healty food peacefully for every meal. Well most of those travellers out there who are in Miri might not mind about how they have their meals as long as they have their meals but for those who do, I hope this post can provide a little bit of assistance. Here’s what I have to share.

During my first trip, my family was completely blank about where to eat. So we walked around and found bakeries, coffee shops, restaurants, Imperial Mall Mega mart, SL supermarket, Soon Hup Tower(joined to Mega Hotel) and Boulevard(at Imperial mall) and fruit shops. From that, we knew where to get the fruits that we usually eat in between meals. But for those banana lover out there, there are only a couple kinds of bananas to be found at Miri (if i’m not mistaken about the species, they are Cavendish and Bananito) and they can be found at Boulevard Hypermarket(underground) at Imperial Mall and a small fruit stall near Hot Chef Bakery (can be easily spotted because there Cavendish bananas hanging just outside the shop). We rulled out the bakeries because my family has wheat allergies.

For breakfast, we just had oats. Oats can be bought from Boulevard at Imperial Mall. Then comes the tricky part. - Lunch and dinner. For dinner, we just catered food from the shop we ate at for lunch. For lunch, we looked for indoor coffee shops because coffee shops that were by the road were smoky because of passing road vehicles. Besides, smokers could smoke freely there. So we decided to eat at SCR (singapore chicken rice) at soon hup tower but after eating there for a couple of times, we decided to eat else where because the food had extra oily sause and food enhancers. The next day, we went up Soon Hup Tower and found an indoor coffee shop called Mee Coffee Shop. It provided custom-cooked meals and best of all, it had a big no-smoking sign hung up by the entrance. It didn’t have much customers though. My family and I were relieved and had our lunch there. But towards the end of our lunch that day, a slight cigarette scent caught my nose. I was surprised to smell cigarette smoke at a coffee shop with a BIG no-smoking sign! I turn around an saw a guy sitting at the entrance right in front of that sign with a cigarette in between his fingers. :shock: :shock: :shock: I was furious. In fact, I was darn pissed (please don’t mind my language for this one). :evil: But sinced it had custom-cooked meals, we had to try our luck for each lunch and bare with the cigarette smell if luck wasn’t on our side
until we found a better place to eat. One time, I complained to the owner of the coffee shop about a smoker I found at her coffee shop but she told me that she couldn’t do anything. :shock:

I guess being health-concious and particular about food comes with a price… :frowning:

what kind of story is this…? miri have plenty of place to eat, just need to know where to go…walking around miri and hoping to find shop is not recommended

what kind? about Miri maa…


Welcome to Miri…

Hi J00lie… welcome to mcnet… and also welcome to Miri too…

Please click on the below link to direct u to the food database of Miri… :mrgreen:

Hi JOOlie …welcome to Miri

If you had asked forumers here first, I’m sure you will get lots of their favorite food hang out and will recommend other food joints.

Browse through the site. You’ll be surprise by the many recommended food and dishes as they had been personnally tried and tasted by makanmaniac team.

just go to bintang megamall you can found a lot of food like bakeries shop, coffee shops, restaurants etc… :smiley:

[quote=“Smallee”]Hi J00lie… welcome to mcnet… and also welcome to Miri too…

Please click on the below link to direct u to the food database of Miri… :mrgreen:[/quote]

It’s :slight_smile: “s” hilang… :mrgreen: