EASTWOOD Coupons - Lakeview Cafe + Restaurant

Check out the new Lakeview Cafe + Restaurant at Eastwood Valley. Open from 6 am - 10 pm daily.

NICEEEEEE!!~~…just bring the coupon n have a great view…whoaaaa…

as you know, some/certain waitress/waiters or even the manager might look at you with one kind of :shock: when you show them the coupon :oops:

To the contrary, we welcome all coupons! In fact, we encourage you to bring a coupon for every visit to take advantage during this promotion period. That is why we accept BOTH original and photocopy of coupons. =)

i know right…lost appetite already if c those kind of face… :roll:

ROfl who look at u like tat
next time i go diu them buahaha