E-mart commercial center

Just wondering how many people knows about the existence of e-mart commercial center in tudan area.
Just a brief information:-
The commercial center started in sometine around the year 2003. With the first supermarket nguikee supermarket.
Sometime around 2005 e-mart established its own supermarket known as e-mart supermarket.
Sometime around 2004 a Shoe shop is established known as SHOE HOUSE. Selling all kinds of slippers and shoes. Mostly BATA brands and now having other more well known bands like ADMIRAL and is still expanding.

I am just wondering here how many mirians or not mirians know about the existence of this commercial center.
I asked my few friends and most of them dont seems to even went to that place before.

what normally ppl go there is…to go to the bbq stall…if u frequent that area, u know what i mean…hehehe…

agree wif isoundstream :smiley: Must go hehehe…

just went to the terminal bus at pujut corner there yesterday…find out that that place is much better than the one at emart there…the cili…damn cun!

Juz wondering… How many forum-mates bought shoes from the show shop inside before? Or how all the forum mates here thinks bout the service from the shoe shop? Just asking for opinions…

E-mart bbq place is really tat good? I never knew tat. isoundstream mebi we can meet up there one day. HAHA. As i am always or almost everyday there when i am back in miri.

Knew about the place, but set foot there only once or twice. Too far for me to even visit casually. It makes no sense whatsoever for me to do any shopping there since I live on the Other Side of Miri.

With the added chaos construction of the bypass at going to Pujut, turning it into a bottleneck, it would be really stupid of me just to go there unless it’s important. I’ll pass.

I’d like to go to E-mart especially to the local market to buy vege’s, fruits and other various kind of local foods once in the while. And the bbq place is not bad at all! I noticed there are stall selling pansuh too but haven’t try it before. Maybe next time around I guess. :roll:

Just been there two or times since the opening…

berngo…the bbq there not really that nice…the one at terminal bas baru nice…but the problem with the terminal bas is that they dont sell any soft drinks…only beers…if u want soft drink then u have to go to the market there and buy…hehehe…

shoe shop?? saw there is a shoe shop selling branded brands…but dont know whether it is ori or not la…i think must be like the one in petaling street there…but nowadays who care about ori or imitation?? hahaha

the market/tamu over there alwez has rare vege…

over therE?? u mean at emart issit?? the vege there quite fresh also if not

Yeah… there are shoe shopS. One of them is located outside the commercial center (beside the tamu selling kuih-muih) and another is inside e-mart commercial center (right opposite jun rong fashion house).
The one outside yeah… selling petaling street version of shoe for only rm 40.
The one inside… is real stuffs…
can go check it out!!!

For me, emart gave me the dirty impression. No offense, but I think the facility still very good. Got hand phone shop, supermarket, even PC shop… wow!

Too bad, Miri southern area here don’t have such thing as emart. sigh…

Hi Guys

What i have read is really interesting and I would also like to visit these places. I’m new to this area, please advise how do I get to these places. Need directions.


Betty Lim

how to get there? where do u stay? it’s easy to get there…from boulevard round about…just drive up to the pujut/lutong direction…u will pass another two round about…the first round about will be at the pujut 3 GK roundabout…then just go straight…u will pass another roundabout again at pujut 7…just go straight again…after that u will reach a bridge and traffic light…go straight until u reach the second traffic light…then turn to the right and go straight until almost the end of the road…hehe…then u will see this e-mart is on your left…

i go emart to makan seafood there…quite cheap compare to tanjung seafood hehehe…also have lobster, should try sometime, very nice one…

I have been to E.Mart few times…Buy vegetables,makan seafood but not to Shoe shop.

Many people in Miri will know the existence of E.Mart but they may not have been there.For those living on the other side of Miri and the center of Miri may not have to go to E.Mart for shopping.Unless E.mart has got something special which you don’t get eleswhere.

But I feel E-mart is good for those living in Permyjaya,Tudan and Senadin areas.

Anyone know why is it called E-Mart?..Does E stand for electronic :?:

‘E’ for ‘Effordable’.


E for emergency…hahaha…

E-Mart has d biggest tamu in Miri… :smiley: