Dynasty Chinese Restaurant, Dynasty Hotel

Very bad experience with this particular restaurant. Yes, there is no doubt that the food they serve is of better quality in Miri, but service wise, it is just utterly disappointing! And trust me, this is not my first dining experience in Dynasty of Horror.

Let’s see, where do I start?

Let’s talk about my previous dining history. In general, we would arrive at the restaurant at 7pm, ordered by 7.10pm, and wait…and wait…and wait…and asked…and waited for the arrival of FOOD at 8pm, regardless of the amount of other customers. What’s more interesting is the order in which they were served: Meat --> Vege --> Rice --> Soup --> fruits (if they have any). Noticed how messed up the chefs are? Then again, we ordered on the spot and therefore concluded that we should pre-order our meals at least a day before we dine there again.

So today, to celebrate Father’s Day, I reserved a small table and pre-ordered 5 dishes (which was only a set menu) the day before and even specified the time we’re arriving. As usual, we arrived at 7pm, and assuming that all pre-ordered tables would be served first, to my astonishment, we were only served with our first dish (Peking Duck) at 8pm, then followed by rice at 8.10pm --> Shark Fins (without visible fins) Soup at 8.15pm, Ba Zhen Vege at 8.35pm, steamed fish at 8.50pm and Salted Egg Prawns fried with bitter guord at 9pm. Dessert at around 9.15pm…total? RM 260…erm…not too bad, i guess?

Never going back there again. My father-in-law ended up not enjoying the meal with gastritis and my husband and I…ended feeling bad for having our parents go through the long-waiting experience…

Most rest will come out with their set dinner or lunch whenever there is special occasion and avoid ala carte as most chefs unable to cope with it.

Just went there… because there lack of waiters and today was father day

lol upcar

Special occasion, every restaurant needs casual workers… haha~

I have had a few similar experiences as mentioned by ‘donkaykong’ which I believe is due to the ‘ala carte’ reason as stated by ‘yiivei’. My last visit there with my family totalling to 8 people was 2 months ago and we placed ala carte food orders. Believe it, it took us almost 3 hours to finish our dinner! Actually we requested to cancel the last dish as the children were beginning to feel cranky cos already passed bed-time but the captain comforted us and managed to get our last dish served in the ‘fastest’ way possible. Nevertheless I do agree with ‘donkaykong’ that the food there is of better quality lah. 8)

i remember last 3 months we went to Dynasty just to eat PECKING DUCK…at the end all of us experienced stomache the whole night until morning…

I just had a rubbish moment, i stood up left even before dinner started

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A complaint email has been sent, for those who have had bad experience pls email the General Manager. Attn:Miss Ho at dyhlmyy@streamyx.com

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