Dusty roads a bane for Taman Cahaya folk

Ling (left) and his team inspect the road.

Ling (left) and his team inspect the road.

MIRI: The dirty and dusty condition of public roads here, especially in neighbourhoods such as Taman Cahaya in Lopeng, is causing major discomfort to residents and worse, it can also become a health hazard to the community.

Piasau assemblyman Alan Ling attributed the situation to the negligence on the part of developers of nearby constructions.

“The trucks coming from and going to the sites bring with them dirt and mud in their tyres. This is clearly a non-compliance with the Local Authorities (Cleanliness) By-Laws 1999, which orders contractors to clean their trucks before entering public roads,” he said when met after an inspection at Taman Cahaya recently.

The visit came following a complaint lodged by one of the residents there, where Ling was accompanied by DAP members Dr Ting Tiong Choon and Dr Bob Baru Langub, and also lawyer Harrison Ngau.

The assemblyman also spoke to Miri City Council (MCC) enforcement officer Halwis Tair regarding the issue.

Ling, who is also state DAP secretary, described the affected road as a health and safety hazard to both residents and motorists.

“Maybe it’s the lackadaisical attitude of these contractors who think that it’s not important to clean the wheels of their trucks before entering public roads; or perhaps there’s no enforcement of the by-laws all this while.

“Whatever the reason, the public suffers.”

As such, Ling urged for immediate clean-up of these affected roads and also action to be taken by the MCC.

“Based on feedback, residents say their houses are always covered in dust. Even the clothes hung outside to dry are covered in dust. They have lodged complaints at MCC several times but until now, the problem has yet to be solved.

“The city council should not hesitate in enforcing the existing by-laws to safeguard residents and also the city’s image. Developers must comply (with the by-laws); otherwise they should be stopped from carrying out construction works, like earth-filling in this case,” he said.

According to the Local Authorities (Cleanliness) By-Laws 1999, it is an offence to spill earth, gravel and other foreign materials from any vehicle onto public roads, and that contractors must make sure that the earth, mud, dirt and dust spilt onto the road surface are cleaned by way of flushing them with water.

They must also maintain that the road surfaces are clean at all times during the course of transportation.


Source: http://miri.my/2015/12/30/dusty-roads-a-bane-for-taman-cahaya-folk/