Drone project for Miri River?


(Jackson Liaw) #1

Omitting the sales pitch in this news article, I’m just going to quote the following:

Anyone interested “to unintentionally name & shame” using drone videos? :slight_smile:

Here’s the initial draft for this easy community project:

  1. Drone starts recording from the Miri By-Pass Bridge (next to Padang Kerbau), follow the Miri river, and make it till the river mouth in town:

    We’re looking at a distance of around 17.3 km to cover for this video. Not including the return distance to you.

  2. The video camera angle is preferably 45 deg forward or top-down view, and framed as such that surrounding structures or objects along the river are “unintentionally” identifiable when following the route, like this screen grab from a sample video I found:

  3. Depending on your equipment (e.g. distance, height, flight speed, power sources, etc) will it be possible to produce a clear/non-shaky 5 to 10 minutes footage in 4k for this path without skipping frames & altering timeline during post editing? Something to think about because the idea is to be as raw and real as possible.

  4. If any individual or group can constantly produce a video for the same Miri river route on a monthly basis, the community will have a different venue to verify & measure the condition of Miri river. This reminds of an article by BoredPanda recently :smile: :

(allokitty) #2

I always patrol the whole Miri especially above the river with my home made long distance robo drone. Here is my sample video. Quite a long distance adventure cover many place around Miri in just one session of flight.


(Jackson Liaw) #3

Loving it, David. Looking at terminal (at the starting and ending of the video), I can see it flew in the altitude of 80m to 120m. Can it be configured to maintain at a certain altitude? Like maintaining at 50m?

Another thing I noticed about your cool rig & video:
63km duration of 80 minutes. Averages around 0.7875 km/min. If the Miri river route is 17.3 km, it may take around 13.62375 mins? If at altitude of 50m, everything will fly by too fast? Asking newbie questions here. :blush:

(allokitty) #4

Thanks for the compliments, it can maintain 50m over flat land but over crowded area such urban, hills, forest, housing and bouncy terrains it best to avoid because of wind turbulent from the ground, also its a fixed wing and it needs speed to keep afloat. The advantage of fixed wing is that it has longer stamina, endurance and can even fly on rainy weather.

The best drone for slow close up river inspection is using multirotor/quadcopter but cons is its short stamina and short distance.

(Jackson Liaw) #5

Thanks for the feedback. I think fixed wing in the altitude of 50m to 80m is alright for this concept of a project. The idea is to spot a large group of floating debris in an area along the Miri river. Slow close-ups using multirotor can come later when problematic area has been identified. I’m sure the close-up videos (when it goes viral) will certainly regenerate the will in public to do their part.

(allokitty) #6

Zoom camera works well like this one: https://sea.banggood.com/FPV-14-Sony-700TVL-HD-Zoom-Camera-For-1_2G5_8G-Telemetry-p-935033.html?p=EM0306363706201312DW

But that’s too much money for my drone projects. My build always cost less than that.