Driving time (peak hours)

Hi guys,

Will be moving to Miri and starting work at a bank in Jalan Bendahara next month. Currently I have some options for renting rooms but not sure about the traffic condition as I’ve hardly been in Miri before. I’m preferring 2 places, one in Grand Park, Krokop 3, and another in Piasau 9 (check location from Google Maps). Can anyone tell me more or less how long it’ll take to drive from each area to Jalan Bendahara for 8am and 5pm traffic? Thanks.

Traffic jam?? what jam??
hahaha…Traffic here,not that bad,…yet… No where near KL, or even Kuching…Where are you from?
Krokop/Piasau,…normal ,usually 5-10minits…
Grand park,maybe 15-20…depends on ur speed also.

another option. get to work early and dont go home at 5pm sharp. since you are working at jln bendahara, can eat cendol first at golden delight b4 u go back. :smiley:

aiya. miri no jam la.
can say “kenderaan bergerak perlahan” only.
stay anywhere you like but i recommend you Bumiko, Hilltop, ocean park, luak bay, grace garden, krokop and holiday park. that area sure less traffic everyday.
trust me. you will not regret. below 10 or 15 drive to town.

I see. I have a list of rooms in different areas, just to eliminate unnecessary visits since I would be in a rush next week. From Sibu btw. Right now Krokop and Piasau sounds good to me. Usually won’t leave late or go home at peak hour sharp, experienced KL and Kch traffic until puke blood d hahaha. Thanks for the info guys. Appreciate it.

traffic jam only if u r staying in permyjaya and working in the city. the rush hour can be horrible.

Ur welcome,…
But i don’t think Town to Krokop/Piasau will be a problem during peak hours… The places that u wana avoid is Permyjaya,Senadin and Taman Tunku(Though there’s a new road being built soon) Other then that,traffic is better then KL or Kuching…Cars moving slowly, but it usuallt wont last long…5.10pm- 5.40pm the least…then it is ‘smooth’ driving…hehehe

what jam in taman tunku? its just slow la… :mrgreen:

Which bank ur working at? Judging from ur list. the best is Krokop 3. I stayed at Krokop 4. working at 8:30am. wake up at 8:15am. no problem. Traffic Jam almost non-existence at Miri, slow yes, jam, no no. Unless sometimes heavy poured rain or road block or accident make jam, once in a blue moon type. Senadin, permy, taman tunku not tat bad either. only more cars compare to other areas, population more.

normally I will use My pakka Turbo (Mira) its take about less than 5 minute.how I count my time is I played 1 song on my ipod the time remining is 4 minute.the the music stop.I was at pujut 9.ahaks…its works for me.